A "special" parking lot appeared in Germany, causing a storm of bewilderment

In an underground parking lot in Hanau, Germany, three separate spaces were set aside for members of the LGBT community. But this "very tolerant" approach has raised a lot of questions.


A "special" parking lot appeared in Germany, causing a storm of bewilderment


According to the chairman of the Supervisory Board of Hanauer Parkhaus GmbH (HPG), which organized the parking lot, this way they want to draw attention to the topic of diversity and tolerance. The parking spaces themselves were appropriately named "diversity", slang for "sexual minorities". At the same time, the HPG stressed that it will also help those people who feel "a special need for protection".


A "special" parking lot appeared in Germany, which caused a storm of bewilderment


However, journalists of a local newspaper tried to find out how the parking will be given priority in such places? In particular, the question aroused "what document should be presented to indicate your sexual orientation". The journalists thought the idea was very interesting, but the implementation, in their opinion, was some kind of "political correctness madness.


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