About the King of the Lion Beast

 The lion is a beautiful, powerful and arrogant species of cat of prey, one of the largest of the genus. It symbolizes beauty and perfection.

It has a large head, slightly elongated, wide nose, rounded ears. They have powerful paws, and, of course, a long tail. Males have an ornament - a mane that covers the neck, chest and shoulders. The color of the mane is always darker than the main color. The very coat of the animal is short, thick.

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The color ranges from light yellow to a rich sandy. On the abdomen and chest fur is white. Mane grows only in mature males. Body length reaches 240 cm, plus the tail 80cm. The weight of an adult can be up to 225 kilograms. Smaller lionesses, both height and weight. Lions live as a family (prides) or alone. The main person in the family is a male (sometimes there are two of them), he owns several females and, of course, little pranksters lion cubs.

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The care of a lion is to guard its territory and its family. But if the father of the family, what, or upset, or worried, can easily destroy their same kittens. Maybe for this reason females leave the pride while giving birth, looking for a secluded place. They join the family after two months, when the pups grow up. All females are equally related to the offspring, they can even feed the milk is not their own babies, as long as the cubs are from their family.

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Pregnancy lasts 110 days. Two to five blind and helpless kittens are born. Until seven months of age, they feed on mother's milk, after that they eat only meat. The cubs are active, playing and somersaulting from morning till night, thus developing dexterity and quickness, which are so necessary during hunting. The main producers of food, strange as it may seem, are lionesses. During the day the family is resting, looking for shade, but at dusk, go out to hunt. Moreover, the first meal begins leader, it is him who gets the tidbit, then eat the females, and what's left, finish eating the youth. The pride eats dinner once in three days; they can eat up to 18 kg of meat each. The meal ends with a watering hole. If the predator is well-fed, he may sleep well, about twenty hours. And lions hunt antelope, deer, zebra and the like. When hunting a lion can reach speeds of up to 65 km / h, deftly jumping on the victim. Lions live in Central Africa, they like savannahs and waterholes. It is important to have a lot of ungulates.


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