After that, Whatsapp needs to be deleted: 10 secret Telegram features no one knows about

The messenger developed by Pavel Durov's team is considered one of the most convenient in the world. What does it have that others do not?

How do I read other people's WhatsApp and Telegram messages?

In the midst of the marketing war between WhatsApp and Telegram, one curious detail came to light. The Greens' PR people decided to poke fun at Durov and published a tweet in which WhatsApp users were perplexed that their messages were encrypted on their devices all the time. The creators of Telegram did not stand for such insolence and reminded that WhatsApp chats and all WhatsApp messages are backed up both in iCloud, if the user owns an iPhone, and in Google Drive, if the user has an Android device. In addition, many WhatsApp chats can be recovered on a clean device simply by entering the phone number. If the user's SIM card is stolen or reissued (even if virtually), all the information from the chats will go to third parties. iCloud and Google Drive are not protected by end-to-end encryption. Consequently, all data stored there can be read. Telegram does not make such allowances - some time is given for deleting chats, but if the user decides to erase the information, it cannot be restored.

Editing and cancelling message It's 2021, and you still can't edit messages you send on WhatsApp. What if instead of a decent word you send your boss a swear word, and instead of Yulia's name the auto-replacement sends something else? You can't fight this in the WhatsApp ecosystem - either delete the message or move to Mexico and start a new life. Telegram thought this through almost immediately. Found a mistake, or no desire to leave a sent message before it's read? Delete from both participants in the conversation and don't worry about anything.

Additional account This feature may be necessary for those who want to separate their personal life from their corporate life. To activate it, just go to the main menu of the application with the data on the main user, click "Add account" and enter a new phone number. It is important to remember that after that the number of messages may double, so it is not superfluous to disable annoying reminders.

Auto-delete photos This function appeared in Telegram practically at the dawn of the messenger's development, and it's still proving to be good. WhatsApp is trying to keep up with its competitor and has introduced something similar recently, but there's still no talk about fully deleting photos on a timer. In a number of cases, users have noticed that restoring chats on a new device also brings back to life photos that users forcibly wanted to destroy a few seconds after reading them. When this problem was discovered, they tried to fix the bug, but the timed photo deletion never appeared - instead, WhatsApp has a file deletion after opening and viewing.

Deferred Posts This feature will be especially relevant for those who run their own blogs, channels, and topics. Built-in tools for delayed posting are a great alternative to paid resources with the same functionality. The algorithm is simple - upload a photo, write text, set the timer time and go do your business.

Total anonymity WhatsApp allows you to hide many details from your interlocutors - time of last visit, avatar, geolocation and more. But not the phone number. Telegram does this too - the function is turned on in the account privacy settings and provides the ability to leave the interlocutor only your network name. Additionally, you can hide the account and deny third-party users the ability to send you messages. This is especially useful in the era of spam and unnecessary contacts popping up at every turn.

Crash When Slow

One of Telegram's secret functions, which is only available in a special menu. You can activate it by going to the messenger settings menu and tapping the gear icon 10 times, which opens the "basement" - the hidden functions of the application. There you will find the parameter Crash When Slow - this is the function responsible for reloading the application when the smartphone or program begins to slow down and work noticeably worse than usual. After restarting, Telegram will automatically log in to all previously open chats.

How to erase WhatsApp and Telegram? If Telegram has started to consume too many smartphone resources, and rebooting doesn't help, there is one interesting mechanism. You can find it there, in the secret menu. It's called Clear Database and Cache, and its activation allows you to "reset" all the resources that the application uses for its work. WhatsApp has no such thing - to fix the situation with this messenger, you will have to delete both the program itself and all the files that it has managed to save.

As noise cancelling headphones

The noise cancellation function is not a unique Telegram feature. WhatsApp tried to introduce this technology, but it did not work very well - because of the attempt to "clean up" the sound in voice messages, it was impossible to understand the words of users. As a result, the idea was abandoned, while in Telegram everything works fine, but so far it is also exclusively from the secret menu. The sound quality after enabling this function will directly depend on the microphone in the smartphone.

Telegram chats under the password The two messengers solved the privacy problem in fundamentally different ways. WhatsApp felt that there was no point in adding access rights for each group chat, and simply decided to hide what the user (in theory) wants to hide. In Telegram, all chats can be protected with a separate password without a cumbersome hiding procedure. Just add a password in the chat settings and don't worry about someone gaining access to your conversations.

Clearing WhatsApp's memory is a tragedy. In Telegram, everything works. When you clear the cache memory, all the content downloaded through WhatsApp can be lost forever. Files inside the messenger itself and any that the system interacted with after activation are deleted. This is not how it works in Telegram - internal files are not deleted in the structure of the messenger itself, only the memory around them is cleared. If you need any file again, you can simply go to the desired chat room and download it. Telegram allows you to set the limits of the cache accumulation - for example, if the "garbage" accumulates more than 3GB, then the device will clear it automatically. You can activate automatic clearing through the "Traffic and storage" options in the settings.


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