Anxiety (Some thoughts)

Anxiety... disturbs you about the past, frightens you about the future, and wastes you on the present. 

Anxiety... seizes the heart, frowns on the face, and quenches the soul. 

Anxiety... makes the enemy happy, irritates the friend, and the envious gloats about you. 

Anxiety... disturbs your confidence, shakes your faith in God's care, and makes you resentful of grace. 

Anxiety... it does not return a lost person, it does not resurrect the dead, and it does not give a useful answer. 

Anxiety... makes you fall into frustration, causes you to fail miserably, and destroys the virtue of hope in you. 

Anxiety... if it was caused by a sin, I regret it! 

And if it was caused by a mistake, fix it! 

If it was caused by waiting, be patient! 

Anxiety... affects your nerves during the day, disturbs your sleep at night, and tires your heart all the time. 

Anxiety ... does not advance things or delay things, does not clarify the certain facts to you, does not open a way out or relief for you. 

Worrying... why?! 

If you are poor, other than yourself, locked in debt, why?! 

If you are in pain other than you are lying on the bed, why?! 

If you lose someone dear to you, he loses all his children in an accident. 

Worrying... of illness?! 

Will it go away from the injury?! 

You will be healed, from religion?! 

He will be judged.. who's guilty?! 

He will be forgiven, who is imprisoned?! 

It will be solved.. who is absent?! 

will return. 

Anxiety... the birds of the sky don't know... because the Lord sustains them, the lilies of the field don't feel it... because God wears them. He does not disturb the one who relies on the Creator... because he takes care of him. 

Worrying... is unnecessary... if the problem has a solution! 

It is useless... if there is no solution! 

There is no fear of it.. if its solution is postponed! 

Anxiety... makes you tired?! 

Even though you believe in God’s measures, would he frustrate you?! 

Even though you were founded on the hope of the Lord, does it bother you?! 

Although you learned the teachings of Christ. 

Christ who said, "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself."



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