Apple released a cloth for two thousand rubles

Apple has presented a special cloth for cleaning computer screens. The accessory is available for purchase at the company's online store.

The released display cloth is created from a soft non-abrasive material and is designed for cleaning computer screens. The description of the item says that the accessory is suitable for Macs with nanotextured display, as well as smartphones iPhone, tablets iPad, iPod players and Apple Watch. The cost of the wipe is two thousand rubles.

Previously, the company warned that to clean the screens of glass with nanotexture, which is found in the monitor Pro Display XDR and 27-inch iMac, should be treated with extreme caution. Also at one time, Apple produced its laptops and desktops with the usual soft cloth in the kit, but then abandoned such a practice.

On October 18, Apple unveiled an updated series of MacBook Pro. The computers got Mini-LED display with 120 hertz and "monobrow" support, up to 64 gigabytes of RAM, storage capacity of up to eight terabytes. Also, the laptops are based on the M1 Pro or M1 Max processors.



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