Are there places on Earth where there is no life?

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Everyone knows that our amazing planet is remarkable for the presence of life. Countless different kinds of living organisms live in completely different environments, from sub-zero temperatures to sizzling heat in deserts with a prolonged lack of moisture. But are there places on our Earth so harsh that nothing and no one can survive in them? Where it is completely sterile?

High temperatures are the first thing that comes to mind when answering this question! Areas of extremely high temperatures, and thus sterile areas of the Earth, are the vents of active volcanoes, as well as the hottest geysers. Scientists believe that the theoretical limit to the existence of life is 150°C.

Methane-producing bacteria called hyperthermophiles are now known to live in thermal springs. These organisms can live at 122°C!

In addition to extreme temperatures, high pressure proves to be a big problem for the existence of life. The depth at which there is life underground also depends on temperature. Of course, the core of a planet with a temperature of 6000°C rules out all life (although the maximum depth at which life occurs in the Earth's interior is still an open question). For example, in South Africa, in a gold mine at a depth of 3.2 km, microorganisms have been found obtaining nutrients from the rocks, which are also subject to radioactive decay!

Apart from this, there are also quite extensive completely lifeless areas on Earth. For example, the hot sulfate-chloride lake Kawa Ijen on the island of Java, which is about a kilometer in diameter. The contents of the lake are a mixture of sulfuric and hydrochloric acids with a pH of 0.2-0.3 and it is absolutely sterile!


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