Are You Applying Your Skincare Products in a Right Order?


What is skincare? A trend, A way of showing love to yourself, aesthetic et cetera et cetera. Everyone wants have good glass skin. Maybe you also apply bunch of products on your face or maybe you are finding a right routine to start your skincare journey. In this passage I am gonna tell you the right order of applying products. You may think all the products are going on my face what is the need of an order.

What is the right order?

There is a need. Why? I tell you. Because every product have different consistency and different types of molecules that absorbs into the skin. If you applied a thiner consistency product after applying a thicker consistency product, trust me you are just wasting the product and your money. Because the thiner consistency product just gonna sit as a layer on to the skin. That's why applying the products in a right order definitely give better results.

STEP 1 : Cleansing 

Cleaning your face before doing your skincare routine is must. It cleans the skin and products are absorbed into the skin not the dirt. So please wash your face first. And if you don't like doing skincare and still reading this, so just wash your face before going to bed at night. I'm telling you half of the acne and pimple problems are gonna vanish away.

STEP 2 : Toner

Toner have water like consistency. It just readily absorbs into the skin. While applying toner you should dab you face. It increases the blood flow towards the skin.

STEP 3 : Serum

Serum have oil like consistency. There are so many serums are made up of small molecules that gives fast results. Though there are so many different types serums in the market but my favorite is vitamin c serum. For me vitamin c serum works like no other serum. You can use any serum you like.

STEP 4 : Eyecream 

Eyecream have thick consistency. You should always apply Eyecream with ring finger because ring finger have the lower power then your index finger. You can skip this part if you don't have dark circles around your eyes.

STEP 5: Moisturizer 

We all know how moisturizer plays an important role for having a good skin but also it packs up all the products that we applied before. 

This is a five step skincare routine that I follow and this routine works for me. You can add some steps and you can cut out some steps. I'm not giving any product details because I think everyone have different type of skin and the products that work for me, maybe cannot work for you.

Thank you!


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