Artemy Lebedev explained the victory of United Russia in the elections

"United Russia wins the State Duma elections on party lists with 49.82% of the vote. This is not at all surprising, since according to polls it turned out that United Russia has 30%, but in reality it turned out that 50%. Many guys will now start running and talking about falsification, how terrible everything is, that the authorities stole everything. In fact, our elections are one of the most honest, simple and transparent," Artemy Lebedev said.


As an argument, he pointed out that those who answer polls do not always go to the polls. "United Russia has the most disciplined electorate. For some reason, liberals call them the disparaging word state employees. As if it's some kind of biomass that doesn't have its own brains. Liberals also believe that if "edro" vote for themselves, it is very bad, but it is necessary to vote for liberals. It is completely unclear why they think so," the designer noted.

Also, United Russia and other parties that passed the State Duma received the votes of those who could not get enough votes. "Their votes are redistributed to those parties that have overcome the 5% barrier. There, too, United Russia received some percentage from the non-passed parties. And the Communists, who took second place, also received these votes," Lebedev stressed.


Further, the designer explained how United Russia won the majority of seats in the lower house. He recalled that there are 450 seats in the State Duma in total. Half are occupied by deputies on party lists, and half by those who won elections in single-mandate districts. Only one person wins in each district. "A huge number of people who joined United Russia have collected a huge number of mandates simply because United Russia is the party of power, the party of people who are in leadership positions one way or another, whose effectiveness and popularity is determined by a specific vote." - Lebedev concluded.


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