At 18, the Guy Went After His Dream and Became a Millionaire.

Li Xiang, 18, instead of going and going to university, took up promoting an amateur website. 


Ten years have passed and now Li Xiang has 900 employees and his portal is in the top three largest Chinese Internet resources, which are devoted to IT-technology, and his fortune is more than 200 million yuan...


At the age of 19, Michael Dell created Dell Computer Corporation. He decided to quit his studies at the Texas Institute, because the startup of the famous Microsoft company happened when Bill Gates gave up his studies at the university. Encouraged by their success Chinese Li Xiang decided not to listen to his parents, who told him that he needed a higher education for a normal life. Instead, Li developed his hobby, which in the future made him a millionaire.


Li was born in the city of Shijiangzhuang. He had a passion for computers since he was a child. He spent his time reading high-tech (IT) magazines. In 1999 he finally decided to create his own personal website, which he devoted to the computer world, completely refusing to go to college.


When asked by his parents, the boy replied that he would only study what he was really interested in and promised his parents that he would earn at least 2,000 yuan every month by himself. But he earned much more - 100,000. Very quickly the amateur site, which had very high traffic, was noticed by advertisers.


The parents no longer insisted on anything else. Next, things got very serious. Lee created a new site,, and hired a number of experts. Revenues from the site grew every year.


Already in 2000 he was able to move to Beijing, and four years later he received a lucrative offer to sell his site for 100 million yuan. He didn't sell. After all, as the young man himself said, "Is it possible to sell your life's work?"


Five years later, he was able to make 200 million yuan from that site. Li Xiang now laughs and replies to his parents that now can he go to university?


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