Banana smoothie with chia seeds


milk - 200 ml

bananas (ripe and large) - 1 pc.

chia seeds - 1 tbsp.

honey - 1 tbsp. or to taste

ground cinnamon - 1-2 pinches.

Peel a ripe banana (one per serving) and slice randomly with a knife. Place in the tall bowl of a blender.

Pour a glass of cold milk. The optimal fat content of milk is 2.5%. If you use a low-fat or nonfat product, you need to add more chia seeds.

Add honey or other sweetener of your choice.

Sprinkle in the chia seeds - 1 full tablespoon. You can add some ground cinnamon for flavor - this combination may seem strange at first glance, but cinnamon really fits well in a banana smoothie.

Using an immersion blender, beat everything together until smooth, so that the bananas separate completely.

Pour the drink into a jar, cover tightly and put in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours - smoothie with chia seeds and banana can be drunk through a tube, as the grains will swell only partially. If you put it in the fridge for 8-10 hours (overnight), then the grains will absorb more liquid and the mixture will thicken - such a dessert can be decorated with banana slices and eat with a spoon.

Stir before using. Have a delicious and healthy breakfast, my friends!


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