Battlegrounds Mobile India Kicks Off Lobby Screenshot Contest, Bans Over 181,000 Accounts for Hacking

Battlegrounds Mobile India players now have a chance to get a free Supply Crate Coupon by participating in the Lobby Screenshot Contest. Players will need to share a photo with their squad in the lobby on the game's social media platforms to stand a chance to win. The contest is currently underway and will last for a week. Additionally, developer Krafton has acknowledged issues with its Twitter login and said that it is not an issue with the game. Furthermore, it has banned over 181,000 accounts for cheating and hacking.

Battlegrounds Mobile India players now have a chance to get a free Supply Crate Coupon

As the news suggests, Battlegrounds Mobile India players have taken to Twitter and Facebook to share screenshots of their squad in the lobby. These screenshots will then be judged by the publisher, which will pick the winner. Additionally, it will also reward winners with free Supply Crate coupons as a special reward for their efforts. The problem however is that all screenshots need to be uploaded to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in the lobby and not from personal profiles. The publisher says that it was noticed that some players had hacked the game's account details to make it appear as if they were joining their friends in the lobby. Battlegrounds Mobile has a group chat feature which offers access to another player's squad.


The Lobby Screenshot Contest is currently underway and will last for one week

In a recent update, it was revealed that Battlegrounds Mobile India players can now test the current patch 1.02 to get a better understanding of the game before its official launch. The patch introduces a host of changes including new supply crates, new consumables, new icon and loading screen. Additionally, the update also changes the grenade timer by 10 seconds and adds health regen effects. Additionally, it was reported that Battlegrounds Mobile India bans have risen as a result of the servers being down. However, Krafton said that this is not an issue with the game. The developer also said that this particular banning happened because a lot of players had to test the new patch before its official launch.


Krafton has banned over 181,000 accounts for cheating and hacking

The developer's Twitter account has been flooded with requests from Battlegrounds Mobile India users for an update on when it would fix the patch-related issues. The company has responded to some users through Twitter, saying, "we are still working on it and we are sorry for the inconvenience. We are sorry for all the issues you face with the game. We're working hard to bring the patch with fixes in next 2 days. Please bear with us." The company's acknowledgement of the exploit bug being the reason for players encountering crashes has been met with relief from many users. However, users such as Dharward Dharsono have stated on Twitter that "there are still some patches needed in order to play properly" and have asked the developer to provide a more transparent update.



There are no new videos on YouTube for now. Hence, it is safe to assume that the game is still in beta or is getting its finishing touches. The game is now in a stable state, though, the developers recently confirmed that they will be toning down the game's content, as well as bug fixing. A patch is coming in early May to improve the game's stability. The patch will also introduce support for dual-mapped controllers. With this, there should be some hope that cross-platform play is coming soon. It is still unknown how Battlegrounds Mobile India will fare in the Indian market. This is a market that is currently dominated by few titles, like Candy Crush Saga and Clash Royale. For now, it's the gamers who have all the power and will determine the fate of this title.


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