Beat the anxiety

Stress is a feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to bear with mental or emotional pressure. It is a type of responses to our body's pressure. It is often aroused when we face something unexpected which threatens our sense. There are many ways to overcome mental stress like:

Recognise what is making you stressed:- when you are feeling stressed try to find out what is its cause. Make a plan to vanquish the cause of stress. If you are finding it difficult then take the help of somebody or say no to the things that you can't take on.


Connect with social groups or with your friends:- Connecting with people is the best to counter stress. As you involve with people or you share something so you will feel comfortable. 


Exercise Regularly:- daily exercising helps to reduce mental stress.

Meditation:- meditation can be very helpful when you're stressed. It relaxes your mind and makes it calm.

Plenty of restful sleep:-  if you don't get plenty of time to sleep then you may feel stressed. So try to get restful sleep.


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