Beauty care at home

When we look at some one, direcly we contact with their eyes. So our eyes are main poin for our impression. But when you have dark under eyes it not look nice . 

There are many products in the market for the dark under eyes.. but some are useless , full of chemicals . And also expensive .

So, here is a simple home remedies for your big problem , easy and natural.

Daily we are having tea in the morning or evening.. After using tea bags or tea powder don't throw them to dustbin .. keep them in refrigerator and use to massage your eyes daily .

It feels so cool for your eyes and also mentally . Do it for a week and see the best results ..

In most of the asian countries home remdies are using as dily beauty tips..

The second tip is pomegranate leaves..pomegranate leaves also use as eye cleaner for eye diseases . Take some pomegranate leaves and boil them with clean water. Wash your face when it cool down. This remedy is also useful for a fair and healthy skin.

The third one is alov vera. Alov vera is a best coolent option for your skin. Take some aloe vera gel and aply over your eyes. Keep 5 - 10 minutes . You can feel best results with this. (You can plant aloe vera  as interior plants )

The fourth one is ice cubes. This is the easiest thing we can do as a home remedy for your dark under eyes. Take some ice cubes and gently massage over your eyes. You can feel well then.

The fifth one is honey and termaric. Take one spoon honey and 1/4 termaric powder . Mix the two ingredients well. Apply the mixer over your eyes . Keep five minutes and scrub smoothly circlewise. Now wash your face. You can see good result in first day.

The sixth one is jusmine flower. Take some jusmine flowers about 10-20. Keep them in cleean cold water overnight. Wash your face with this jusmine water. This is so fregnance. 

The next one is tea tree oil..tea tree oil always use as beauty ingredient. You can massage your eyes with tea tree oil for five minutes and wash them. This oil works well with your skin.

In ancient eras over queens also did the beauty care with natural ingredients for their healthy beauty care. These natural ingredients make good results with our skin. And also we can find them easily in our home or kitchen. 

Unnatural products can harm our body and skin. Because them are full with lot of harmful chemicals. The results may be very dangerous as skin cansers pigmentation rashes corns etc. 

Why should we getting these diseases for our money. We can use natural things for our beauty routine. It also good for our mental health. Because they are hundred present sure.

Once use any natural product from the list and see the best result. You can feel good. And you can have bright and actractive 👀 yyourself ..

Thank you.


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