Beef and Cucumber Salad Recipe

Salad with beef and cucumbers

What could be more delicious than meat? Only a dish where this product is combined with, at first glance, far from the most combinable ingredients. For example, Korean vecha salad with tender beef, cucumbers and spices.



- Beef pulp - 300 g;

- Fresh cucumbers of medium size - 3 pcs;

- Garlic - 2-3 cloves;

- Vinegar - 1 tsp;

- Soy sauce - 4 tsp;

- Purple onion or white onion - 1 pc;

- Chili pepper - 1 small piece;

- Sugar - to taste;

- Salt - to taste;

- Spices or dried herbs - to taste.


Method of preparation:

- Wash the cucumbers;

- Cut into slices;

- Salt and season well on all sides;

- Leave to marinate for twenty-twenty-five minutes;

- Then drain off excess liquid;

- Then transfer to a bowl;

- In a bowl mix vinegar with sugar, minced garlic, spices or herbs;

- Mix until homogeneous;

- Pour the mixture over the cucumbers;

- Wash the meat under cold running water;

- If necessary, cut off all unnecessary things;

- Dry with paper towels;

- Cut into julienne strips;

- Peel onion;

- Cut into thin half-rings;

- Roast for seven to ten minutes with the meat over medium heat;

- Then add the soy sauce;

- Stir and cook until the liquid has completely evaporated;

- Transfer the fried onions and beef to a bowl with the cucumbers;

- Add the chopped chili peppers;

- Mix well;

- Let the salad to infuse for fifteen-twenty minutes;

- Serve.


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