Beef Stroganoff (of beef)


Beef (I have the neck part) - 500 gr

Onion - 1 pc.

Garlic - 1 clove

20 % sour cream - 100 g

Ketchup - 2-3 tbsp.

(can be replaced with tomato paste - 0,5 tbsp.)

Water - 100 ml (regulate the thickness of sauce according to your taste)

Flour - 1 tbsp.

Butter - 10-20 grams

Vegetable oil - for frying

Bay leaf - 1 pc.

Salt - 0,5 tsp. (to taste)

Ground black pepper - to taste.

Prepare: Cut the beef into strips or slices, as you prefer. Blot the meat so that there is no excess moisture on it. Salt and pepper it. 

Sprinkle with flour and mix well so that the flour covers all the pieces of meat.

Slice the onion into feathers or half rings.

Crush the garlic and finely chop it.

Fry the beef until brown in 2-3 passes in a well heated frying pan with vegetable oil, on a fairly high heat. There is no need to fry the meat until tender, just brown it. Remove the meat from the pan, leaving the fat in it - and fry the second batch.

In a pan, fry the onion until golden and soft. Add the butter.

Place the meat in the pan with the fried onions.

Add ketchup (or tomato paste).

Add sour cream and garlic.

Pour in the water, add the bay leaf.

Stir well, cover and simmer over low heat until the meat is soft to your liking, at least 20-30 minutes (you can do it for 60 minutes, then you may need to add water). 

Beef Stroganoff is ready! Bon appetit


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