Being a Freelance Copywriter in Todays Digital Age

Create a portfolio website:

creating a portfolio is an important aspect of being a freelancer because it contains your past work accomplishments, as well as your training and certificates that will be viewed by your soon-to-be client making an essential tool in your application.

Analyze ad copy from popular brands and write about it on LinkedIn:

There are various brands that are known all throughout the world most of them have a digital presence on LinkedIn wherein you can view their recent advertisements that help you formulate your very own advertisement that can be written on LinkedIn.

Apply for copywriting jobs at marketing agencies:

There are various platforms where you can apply as a copywriter but some of them have the tendency to scam applicants which is why you should apply on certain platforms such as Indeed, and LinkedIn wherein they are both considered to be trustworthy when it comes to applying for any freelancing job plus they are free and their interface is easy to use, even for an average individual.

You don’t need the experience to get your first copywriting job:

Even a non-experienced copywriter can get his/her first client, this is only going to happen if you have an open mindset. Since most recruiters are looking for copywriters who have the patience and work ethic to complete each task they are given. Some first-time copywriters are being hired despite not having any experience because they have convinced their client during the interview that they are willing to be trained and that they will be open to criticism.

Freelance copywriting vs. marketing agency copywriting jobs:

Freelance Copywriting

Being a freelance copywriter both has pros and cons which is why it is best before switching to being a freelancer you must weigh the pros and the cons, because it may not be applicable to your work ethic and expectations. Here are some of the Pros and Cons of being a freelance copywriter.


● Flexible schedule - freelance copywriters do not have a fixed working schedule giving you a more work-life balance, you do not have to worry about being late as long as you are done with your task.

● Higher Earning Potential - You have the potential to earn a digit income because you do not have to pay certain taxes and because of this you get 100% of your salary.

● Variety of Projects - You can have the chance to work with multiple projects wherein can also lead to higher income because each project will you become a copywriter.

● Independence and Control - You do not have to deal with different types of bosses, or office politics because you are working remotely, plus you control your working hours.


● Irregular Income - You might earn a six-digit figure salary but it is not guaranteed that the next few months will be the same which is why saving and investing your salary from freelancing is necessary.

● No job security - most freelancers only have a maximum of 3 months per project wherein the freelancers do not have job security and unstable income.

● No employee benefits - Despite receiving their full salary, freelancers do not receive any benefits such as leave credits and hazard pay.

● Isolation - Since you are working remotely, you are mostly alone and isolated You have no socialization with your co-workers because there are no teams the most socialization you can do is during virtual meetings.

Marketing Agency Copywriting

Working in a marketing agency as a copywriter can also have pros and cons Similar to working as a freelance copywriter, it is for everyone especially if the person is an introverted type of individual.


● Professional development - Since you are working in an office setup you are surrounded by professionals who would force you to act in a more professional manner.

● Exposure to different marketing strategies - You can have exclusive access to the different marketing strategies both being implemented in the past and present giving you an insight and deeper understanding of marketing strategies.

● Networking - your colleagues in the marketing agency have different connections in the business world giving you the opportunity to learn from them and find out how marketing strategies and copywriting work in a professional setting.


● Long working hours - Since you are in office set-up you are expected to work at least 8 hours or more, especially during tight deadlines wherein you need to render extra working hours better known as overtime.

● Communication challenges - In office set-ups especially in larger marketing agencies communication can be very challenging because everyone is working on multiple projects making them unreachable in the process. There is office politics that can lead to a toxic relationship with your colleagues.

● Limited creativity - marketing agencies have different standards and procedures when it comes to creating content due to this it can limit your creativity in the process.


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