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Belarusian pancakes


Recipes for grated potato pancakes similar to Belarusian potato pancakes are found in German and Czech, Irish and Norwegian, American and Ukrainian cuisines.


But each country has its own special culinary secrets for making this dish, and, of course, its own potatoes are used, whose properties largely determine the taste.


In Belarus, draniki have become very popular since the nineteenth century. Most often they were eaten for breakfast, because it is not only tasty, but also very filling dish.


The best addition to the hot potato pancakes was fresh homemade sour cream, which is the most famous version of the Belarusian potato pancakes. In addition, draniki were eaten with machanka, butter, fried cracklings with onions.


In the national cuisine, there are other ways to serve the dish, for example, in pots. For this purpose, fried onions, carrots, mushrooms, homemade sausages and cream are added to the cooked draniki, and then toasted in the oven or stove.


How to cook pancakes?


The basis of traditional Belarusian draniki is potatoes, onions, salt and vegetable oil for frying. And this is quite enough if you cook them from tasty Belarusian potatoes with high starch content.


No flour or eggs are added as a binding ingredient in classic Belarusian potato darnikis. If the dough is liquid, Belarusian housewives have another secret - to drain some of the juice from the grated potatoes, and then add the starch that has sunk to the bottom of the container with the juice to the dough.


However, you can also dream up and slightly modify the classic recipe for pancakes to your taste, adding an egg, flour, and spices to the dough.   


Belarusian pancakes recipe


potatoes - 12 units.

onion - 1 pc.

vegetable oil


Peel potatoes, wash and grate them on a fine grater together with onion (to keep their light color). Salt and mix well until homogeneous.


Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan and spread the potato dough in the form of small cakes. Fry the potato pancakes on one side for about 2-3 minutes until they are lightly browned. Then flip to the other side, fry for 1-2 minutes more.


Serve hot with sour cream.


You can also serve the pancakes with soaked lingonberries, sour cream-apple or sour cream-onion sauce, machanka. Or prepare pot dumplings - with meat, sausages, mushrooms...


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