Berry and fruit dessert without baking

1. Grind the cookies with a blender into crumbs and mix with butter, put the resulting dough into a mold (ours is 22 cm in diameter), flatten and hide in the refrigerator.


2. Defrost the berries, drain the juice. Dissolve gelatin in the juice, allow to swell for 30-40 minutes and heat until dissolved (do not bring to a boil!).


3. Add sugar to the berries, lightly grind with a blender, mix with yogurt, add the gelatin, wait until it has set a little, and pour it into the mold with the base.


4. Allow to set in the fridge.


5. For a more festive version, you can whip 200 ml of heavy cream (not less than 30%) and add to the souffle after gelatin. The taste will be even creamier.


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