A week later, she called me and told me she was coming to spend the entire Saturday with me. It was a day that none of us would be going to church. So, it was perfect for a good get together. I agreed that she should come, though I knew it was risky. On that Saturday, early in the morning, she called me.


“Hello, are you on your way already?”


“Yes, but I want to buy breakfast for us. Have you eaten anything yet?” She asked.


“I am still in bed.”


“‘Enjoyer’, anyway, I will be there soon.”


About forty-five minutes later, she showed up at my door and I welcomed her warmly. She was wearing a short gown with a split that almost went right up to her waist. She went straight into my bedroom and changed her dresses. When she emerged from the bedroom, she was wearing just a see-through nightie and a pair of bump shots. She went into the kitchen and started preparing breakfast while I freshened up.


I had finished bathing now. I went to the living room and breakfast was ready. I sat down and had a healthy breakfast. By the time I was done, she had fallen asleep on the sofa. She had already eaten her own breakfast while I was bathing. I cleared the breakfast table, took the cutleries into the kitchen and came back to the living room. There she was, sleeping peacefully, looking very calm, serene and beautiful. I brought out my phone and took a snapshot of her. The sound of my phone snapping woke her up.


“Have you eaten already?” She asked, looking at the dining table.


“Yes, I have. I didn’t want to disturb you.”


“Alright, just let me sleep for a while, ok?”


“Enjoy yourself.” I replied, got out my laptop and started typing a story for my story blog. My readers had been anticipating that particular chapter and I felt it would be unfair to keep them waiting longer than was usual.


About an hour later, she woke up from sleep and realized that I was busy on my laptop.


“What are you doing?” She asked.


“Writing a story.”


“Alright, can you pause it? I want you to massage my feet a bit.”


“Be right there.”


I left the dining table on which I was typing and came to her. First, I massaged one foot and then the other. She found it pleasurable and asked me to go higher. I moved my hands to her knees and then to her laps and before I knew it, our mouths were together. We started kissing again, in spite of the fact that we were still officially besties. It got so intense that kissing became stale. We needed to move further. 


I sent my hand under her nightie and attempted to unbutton her bump shorts.  


“Hey! Not here.” She cautioned. “Let’s go into the bedroom.”


“You prefer the bedroom?”




She went into the bedroom before me. I stayed back to turn on the music and make it loud so as to drown any soundtracks coming from us. When I got to the bedroom, she had already taken off her clothes. There she lay naked, waiting for me. I came close to the bed and let my pair of trousers fall to my feet.


“Which do you prefer?” I asked. “Condoms or raw.”


“Condoms, I beg. We have to avoid things that touch the heart. Do you have any at home?”


“Yes, I do.”


I got one, fitted it nicely, got on her and the match began. Luckily for me, I had been smart enough to turn up the music. Otherwise, my nearest neighbours would have known something was happening. About twenty minutes into it, she paused me.


“What’s the matter?” I asked.


“Seems you have wounded me.”


“Are you a virgin?”


“Of course, I am not. But it has been a while and your thing is too fat.” She laughed.


“You want us to stop?”


“Have you released?”




“Then how do you want to stop? Won’t it be painful for you?” She asked.


“It won’t.”


“I have been told that men find it painful when they have an interrupted sex without ejaculation.” She spoke.


“That’s a lie. All a man needs, is a little distraction and his body will return to normal. That issue of feeling pains is a lie we men cooked up to make ladies have pity for us.” I explained.


We were done now and we moved to the living room and started watching a movie. After the movie, she went back to the bedroom and fell asleep. About thirty minutes later, I went to check on her and found her looking sexy as she slept naked. I had the urge to make love to her again, but I had just a single condom at home, and I had already used it. I contemplated whether I should go to the nearest shop and restock my supply. Then I remembered watching a Nollywood movie where someone got involved in an accident and died on his way to buying condoms. I got scared and changed my mind.


It was evening now, and it was time to go. She had freshened up and packed her bags. As we exited my compound, I spoke to her.


“Hi Bestie”


“Go away, don’t talk to me.” She said in mock reproach. We both laughed. 


“Bestie is in the past now, right?”


“Yes, of course. We are now lovers.”


I got a bike for her, and she headed home.


A week later, I got a call from a movie production company I had submitted a script to. They had declared their intentions of buying the script, but they didn’t want to buy it at the price I was offering. They wanted something lower, and I wasn’t prepared to go lower. So after several minutes of arguing and haggling, we came to a consensus. TACON production, the film company would get the script for the price they wanted on the condition that they let me star in the film. I would be the main character. They accepted. 


I now had a huge project at hand. Pre-production had to commence almost immediately. But I didn’t have money. I was just an upcoming actor. The film company was based in South Africa and was going to shoulder the entire expenditure for the production of the film, including postproduction and promotion. However, I needed money to fly to South Africa and also money for lodging. The entire shooting of the film was going to take at least a month. The company had promised to pay me only after production. What was I going to do. 


All my life, I had always hated to ask money from a woman. But now, I was in a tight corner. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I had to look for a means. I had to contact Faith. I needed help. I didn’t have any steady job. As an upcoming actor, my source of money was not regular. My bank account was in the red. This movie was going to be my big break. I had to do everything to get to South Africa. 


Faith wasn’t from a wealthy home. However, her family had lots of landed property. She was the last of six children and she was spoiled beyond repair. She also had a job. I figured that I could tell her to squeeze out some money for me to help me get to SA. I was afraid of her response, though. At long last, I summoned the courage and told her about it.


“So, you mean you will be going out of the country for a month? A whole month!!!” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.


“What is wrong with you, Faith? So, of all the things I have said, that is your only takeaway?”


“Of course, na!! Why should it not be my takeaway. You mean I won’t see you for almost a month. What will I be doing?”


“Working, you will be working. Besides, we can always video call. Please, just get me the money and let me be on my way. Are we not in this together? An open door for me is an open door for you.”


“Listen Veron. I have only just known you for a while now. You are a cool and calm guy, no doubt about that. But the amount of money you are asking, hmmm!! I hope this will not be the beginning of trouble for us. Please, if I have the money, I will give you. But there are no guarantees, and if you think that I am going to sell one of my father’s plots of land to raise the money, forget it. That’s never going to happen. But don’t worry, I am sure there will be a way out.”


“Thank you so much, bestie. I mean bestie love; I mean my love.” I hugged her with joy. 


“Just know that I am giving you this money because of the love I have for you. Better be a good boy. I don’t even know if you understand what I am taking about.”


“I am a good boy any day, any time. Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you. I will make you proud.”


A week later, she transferred four million into my account. By my own personal hustle, I had been able to raise some money, too. So, at the moment, I had about five million in my account. I started processing my traveling documents immediately. It wasn’t very complicated because I was a local celebrity already and a lot of people already knew me. Also, TACON production had already contacted the SA embassy. 


On the day I was to leave the country, I wanted Faith to see me off at the airport. She had initially agreed but when the time finally came, she started giving excuses. She said something had come up and she wouldn’t be able to make it. I was sad but I had a huge project at hand. So, I had to calm down and concentrate. 


At the airport, I met one of Faith’s friends, Ashley. We chatted for a while and she expressed disappointment that Faith had not come to see me off. I asked her what she was doing at the airport and she told me she came to welcome a cousin of hers from The States. From the look in her eyes, I suspected there was something she wanted to tell me about Faith. So, I prolonged our discussion hoping that somehow, she would spill. Finally, she did.


“How much do you know about Faith?” She asked.


“Not much, but she has been helpful to me and has so far been a good girl.”


“Hmm!! Anyway, your flight has just been announced. You better go now. Next time we see, we will talk.”




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