Black mamba snake - a dangerous snake

The black mamba is a very poisonous and dangerous snake in Africa. The black mamba looks very intimidating. The size of the black mamba makes it the second most venomous snake after the king cobra. The black mamba can be up to 4 meters long, but its average size is 2.5-3 meters. The black mamba snake is one of the fastest in the world. The speed of the black mamba at short distances can exceed 11 km / h. In spite of its name, the black mamba does not look black at all. This unusual name the black mamba snake acquired because of the inky color of its mouth. The body color of the black mamba ranges from dark olive to grayish brown, with a beautiful metallic sheen.

The tail end looks darker than the main coloration, as it has darker scales. At the same time, the ventral side of the poisonous black mamba has a dirty white or light brown color. Young specimens are somewhat lighter than older ones. The coloration of the black mamba serves her a good camouflage and varies depending on the habitat. The black mamba appears to be a slender snake, but among other mambas it is the largest. The black mamba snake weighs an average of 1.5 kg. The black mamba's mouth has teeth that are 6.5 mm long. Through them it injects its venom during the bite. The black mamba's mouth has a peculiar incision. This makes the black mamba snake look smiling, but do not be fooled by the friendliness on the part of this venomous snake of Africa. Where does the black mamba snake live and how does Africa's most dangerous snake live? The black mamba snake lives in central, eastern and southern Africa, preferring semi-arid areas. The black mamba mainly lives in savannas and sparse forests. The black mamba snake rarely climbs trees and shrubs, predominantly leading a terrestrial lifestyle. This dangerous snake of Africa has a large area of distribution. The black mamba is found in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, southern Sudan, southern Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Kenya, eastern Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda. In southern Africa, the black mamba snake inhabits Mozambique, Swaziland, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, southern Angola and the province of KwaZulu-Natal. This is the wide range of one of the most dangerous snakes in Africa. Compared to other mambas, this one is the least adapted to living in trees. Therefore, the poisonous black mamba mainly lives on the ground among the shrub vegetation. To bask in the sun, the black mamba snake can climb a tree or shrub, but still most of the time prefers to stay on the ground. Sometimes the black mamba lives in tree hollows, abandoned termite sites and empty burrows. The black mamba also lives on rocky slopes and in river valleys with fallen trees. The black mamba snake prefers to build long-term nests to live in. Africa's most dangerous snake does not live in deserts or dense rainforests.

As a rule, the black mamba snake lives no higher than 1 km above sea level. But in Zambia, the black mamba can be found up to 1.5 km above sea level, and in Kenya up to 1.8 km. Despite the fact that the black mamba is the most dangerous and venomous snake in Africa, even it has enemies. The main enemies of the black mamba are some of the birds of prey that prey on it. First of all, these are black and brown snakesnakes, their prey black mamba snake most often. Another enemy of the black mamba is the needle snake, which has innate immunity to the venoms of all African snakes. Also a danger to the black mamba are mongooses, which sometimes hunt it and cleverly avoid attacks, in addition to having acquired immunity to the bite of the black mamba. Despite its far from peaceful nature, the most venomous black mamba snake still tries to avoid contact when encountering humans. It freezes to remain unnoticed and tries to slip away unnoticed. In most cases, the black mamba only attacks when it is caught unawares or cornered. If contact cannot be avoided, the black mamba snake becomes aggressive, but it never hisses. The black mamba rises, leaning on its tail and opens wide its mouth, this posture is a warning. Then the black mamba makes a series of lightning rushes and instantly bites the body or face.

It happens that the black mamba snake may bite on the move, while trying to escape, but choosing the wrong direction in the direction of its disturbed. In such cases, a person does not immediately discover that he became a victim of a black mamba bite. But after some time, various symptoms of poisoning are manifested. The black mamba snake is very dangerous, the main danger is the venom of the black mamba. The bite of the black mamba is deadly. Fortunately, an antidote is now available. Black mamba venom is highly toxic and contains neurotoxins, without an antidote there is paralysis and respiratory failure. Death can occur as early as one hour after a bite, as black mamba injects a lot of venom.


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