Bloodborne is ready for release on PC, will get a sequel and remaster, insider says

Well-known insider Shpeshal Nick decided to talk about Bloodborne on the latest edition of The XboxEra podcast.


Allegedly Bluepoint Games, which was recently acquired by Sony, is responsible for Bloodborne's PC port, remaster and sequel, although rumors of the purchase had been floating around long before the announcement.


Nick's sources said that there is already a completed port of Bloodborne for PC. 


"I've been told by different sources about a few different things about Bloodborne. I've been told about a PC port of Bloodborne that's already ready. I think Bluepoint Games is doing a sequel, and I think Bluepoint may also be doing a console remaster of Bloodborne."


Earlier in early October, Bluepoint Games' alleged connection to Bloodborne was hinted at on Twitter by former IGN editor Colin Moriarty. Allegedly Bluepoint is doing a remaster, and is also developing a sequel from scratch (FromSoftware was not mentioned). He did not mention a port of Bloodborne to PC at the time.


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