Blue water tiger - the symbol of the year 2022

This is not the year to pay attention to household items. On the contrary, gifts should be impractical, but, as they say, for the soul. The list is not small at all: perfumes, paintings, art books or non-fiction, beautiful linens bedding and underwear, products for hobbies. Men associated with hunting and fishing can be pleased with accessories, binoculars, bags and other necessary things in their business.

    Omen for the year 2022

In Chinese mythology, the Tiger is often compared to a stretched bowstring. At any moment it is able to fly out and reach the goal. This means that we also have a chance to hit the ten quickly. The main thing is not to miss the moment and to be well prepared.


In the year of the Tiger, it is a good omen to have a baby.


At the same time, you should be careful with the fire element. There is no need to flirt with fire and behave in a careless manner.

And so we got to the point, how to set our beautiful, and most importantly the New Year's table? 1636325497-blobid1.jpeg

This year's table is the cherry on the cake! We choose napkins and tablecloths with a combination of white and gold. The classic New Year's colors, red and green, are going to go with them. Let's not change your mind! The main thing is that they are not the main color. Will be pertinent on the table and candles. Here, you can choose them in stripes: now there are candles on sale, twined with silver or gold cords or ribbons.


On the table must be fruit - persimmons, oranges, mandarins. Well and this is a rare year when meat on the table is welcome. After all, our hero is a carnivore. So the more meat dishes we have, the better! And what kind of meat - rabbit, chicken, beef or pork - is not important to him at all!


However, you should not ignore the green salads either. Tiger respects greenery. It would be nice to decorate dishes with sprigs.


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