Borscht "One of the best"

Boil the broth as usual, with onions and carrots (for transparency),

Take out the meat, strain, take 3 liters of broth for borscht.

I cook it on a sugar beef bone.

In the broth, add carrots and beets (all in sticks),

Put it on low heat.

While the vegetables are boiling, prepare the roast:

Fry onion in lard, add chopped tomatoes, bell peppers, fry.

Then add the tomato paste and sour cream, yes, sour cream in the batter. Braise over low heat, stirring constantly. When it is ready you will see the red color of oil on the surface.

PS.: the first time I was worried, thinking I put a lot of sour cream. But all is normal, for 15 - 17 minutes the color has changed from white to bright red, sour cream evaporated completely.

During this time, carrots and beets boiled.

Cut the meat into manageable pieces. If desired, you can return it to the broth or add in portions when serving.

Add potatoes, after 10 minutes, shredded cabbage.

Prepare the dressing.

Chop the herbs, garlic and some old lard - mash until smooth. You can add a pinch of coarse rock salt, it will help grind everything more thoroughly.

Please note that you need old salted lard.

They say that salted lard has a unique property that it does not spoil over time. It ages, hardens, taking a characteristic yellowish hue and a specific flavor, a delicious aroma.

Potatoes boiled, add salt to taste, a tablespoon of sugar to the pot.

Place the roasted potatoes, bay leaf.

If necessary, gently grind the potatoes.

Taste and season with salt/sugar.

And at the very end, add and stir in the dressing with the herbs, garlic and lard.

Bring to a boil and remove from heat.

Serve hot, with sour cream.



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