Brain stroke symptoms and prevention

As all we heard about the brain stroke. It is a very dangerous desease. Every year millions of people suffer from this and die. We see that nowadays this desease is very  common and people above the age of fifty are more infected from it. This desease is made up of many deseases like blood pressure, diabetes etc. Therefore it is very important to identify it's symptoms. And as soon as it's symptoms are recognised, we should immediately go to the doctor.

So let's see what is brain stroke? and How we can recognise it's symptoms to get rid?

What is Brain Stroke ?

When the supply of blood in the brain is reduced, then the brain cells are unable to get oxygen and nutrition with which it starts dying slowly and within a minute all cells are dies. This process is called Brain Stroke. 

Symptoms of Brain Stroke 

  • Sudden headache 
  • Non functioning of any part of the body
  • Face suddenly turns crooked
  • Sudden dizziness
  • Having trouble speaking
  • Having blurred vision
  • Having trouble to understand anything
  •  Having difficulty in walking 

What causes most brain strokes 

As brain stroke occurs mostly in older people. So people who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and diabetes or people who smoke cigarettes and consume alcohol are at more risk of having brain stroke.

Ways to prevent brain stroke 

  • Avoid junk food as it increases obesity which is the cause of brain stroke.
  • Do exercise for at least 40 minutes 
  • Keep yourself away from stress
  • Quit taking alcohol and other drugs beacuse it increases the risk of brain stroke.
  • Don't eat fried foods and packed foods like chips, Biscuits, Kurkure etc. 
  • Eat green vegetables like gourd , okra , spinach etc. 
  • Eat all kinds of fruits because it contains minerals, antioxidants and fibre. 
  • Do yoga regularly because it is very beneficial for us. 



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