Buckwheat in a Merchant way

Ingredients (for 7 servings)

Buckwheat - 1 cup

Ground beef - 300 gr

Onions - 1 pc.

Carrot - 1 pc.

Garlic - 2 cloves

Tomato paste - 2 tablespoons

Sunflower oil - 20 grams

Salt - to taste

How to cook buckwheat in a kupecki way:


1. Wash the buckwheat. Grease a frying pan with oil (you can even butter) and pour the groats there, dry over medium heat.


2. Grate carrots, chop onions (this can be done while the buckwheat is "drying"). Fry in vegetable oil until golden.


3. Next add minced meat, breaking up lumps.


4. Finally add the tomato paste (or chopped tomatoes WITHOUT the skin). Mix thoroughly. And fry on medium heat for about 5 minutes (until the stuffing turns black).


5. To the meat and vegetables put buckwheat.


6. Pour boiling water so that the buckwheat was slightly covered with water. Salt.


7. Braise the buckwheat under a lid over low heat until the water has evaporated. If the buckwheat is not ready, add a little more water, repeat the steps.


8. In the ready buckwheat buckwheat style add finely chopped garlic (or use a garlic maker), stir. You can add black pepper and bay leaf.


Serve buckwheat hot.


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