Canapes with catfish on skewers: how to make savoury snacks


Catfish - 150 g

Corn bread - 75 g

White bread - 50 g.

Olives - 10 pcs.

Cucumbers - 1 pc.

Verchok butter - 30 g

Vermicelli cheese - 50 g

Crunch - 15 g


Cut the bread into small pieces.

Rinse the cinnamon and crisp under cold running water and dry. Cut the ham into rounds, not too thick. Rinse the crusts cleanly, saving a few small pieces to decorate them.

Mix the cooking oil with the shredded crops. Cut the fish into smoothies and cut them into squares.

First variation of canape. Spread a thick ball of crusty vermicelli butter on the black bread, place the small square of catfish and use a skewer to pin the olive on it. Serve on the table, decorate with a sprig of crockpot.

Another version of the canapé. Spread some vermicelli cheese on a torn piece of white bread, place a circle of freshly baked firewood and fix a piece of catfish on the skewer. You can also decorate with a fresh green sprinkle.


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