Car Phone Holder: Top 12

Car phone holder is an accessory, without which it is already hard to imagine a comfortable ride behind the wheel. With its help drivers conveniently place the gadget so that it is within reach. It is ideal for talking on the phone, for driving on the navigator, etc. The market of offers for drivers is huge, and the question arises, "How to choose the right phone holder and what to pay close attention to?"

We offer the top 12 phone holders for the car, based on the real opinion of drivers and reviews. These holders are several types.


Types of holders


The type of holder determines the reliability of fixation. Due to insufficiently strong fixation the phone can fall out, leading to unintended consequences: damage to the phone or an accident. That's why the choice of a phone holder in the car should be taken seriously.

Types of holders:

Velcro is a silicone mat made in different shapes (square, circle, oval, rectangle). One side is quite smooth, the other is rough. Fix your phone and other gadgets on the rough side. Has a fairly low cost. Disadvantages: you can not place Velcro everywhere, it provides a weak degree of attachment.

Suction cup - a design that is a holder on one side and a suction cup on the other side. The suction cup attaches to the panel or windshield and provides a medium level of attachment, except on sunny days. However, the holder does not hold large and heavy smartphones.

Holder for the air duct provides a good fixation. Has one disadvantage: in the winter time of day when the heater is on it is impossible to use.

Holders on the magnet. Considered to be the most popular holders among drivers. The accessory has two parts: one attaches to the panel or air duct, and the other (magnet) to the gadget. It is distinguished by an excellent attachment and convenience.

Top 12 phone holders for your car

The top 12 phone holders in the car based on driver reviews are as follows:

12. Airline AMS-F-06 has usb charging. Connects to the cigarette lighter, making it possible to fix the accessory and charge the phone. The holder consists of three clips, a base and a long hose, thanks to which you can comfortably "position" the phone. Disadvantages: The cigarette lighter can loosen after a certain time after using the holder. Rather uncomfortable in cars with manual transmission. 

11. GETIHU Mini Air Vent Holder is fixed to the fan grill with horizontal ribs. Holds your phone up to 2.5kg. Has an excellent price-quality ratio. 

10. Baseus Smart Vehicle Bracket is mounted on the car dashboard or windshield. There is wireless charging and charging indicator with information about the phone. 

9. Deppa Crab Vogue - has a suction cup for the phone, which provides a good fixation. 

8. Remax RM-C26 - holder in the car on the suction cup with a rod. Attaches only to the car dashboard or windshield. The gadget is held by four clips: 2 on the side and 2 on the bottom. Thanks to the telescopic rod you can change the distance from your phone and the angle of the gadget. 

7. Blast BCH-103 - holder in the car on suction cups instead of the magnet, which is attached to the air duct. Quite a budget option, thanks to which you can fix the phone, and change the viewing angle. In total there are 3 universal suction cups on the surface of the accessory that can hold your phone weighing up to 500 grams. 

6. Onetto Easy Clip Vent Magnet Mount has a super strong magnet. Mounted on the deflector. You just need to press a button to rubberized clothespin securely holds the accessory. You can change the angle of tilt. 

5. Hoco CA28 Happy journey suction cup is attached to the car dashboard. Provides a good enough fixation. It is possible to change the position of the phone and the angle of rotation. The disadvantage is the material, which deteriorates quickly enough. 

4. Deppa Crab IQ - holder, which can be attached to the dashboard, windshield and air duct with a suction cup or clamp. Equipped with wireless charging, bar for the phone and changing the angle of location. The disadvantages include slow charging phone. 

3. Hoco CA23 - magnetic holder for the phone, which is placed on the steering wheel or the air duct of the car. It has a rather nice appearance, easy to use, provides a reliable fixation at a fairly low price. The disadvantages include a bit fragile material (plastic).

2. Baseus Magnetic Air Vent Car Holder - magnetic holder in the car for your phone, characterized by ease of use and reliable fixation. It is enough to attach a magnet to the back of the phone and the device is attached to the air duct. With an easy movement the phone can be fixed or removed.


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