Cat ocelot - leopard in miniature

The ocelot looks quite a small cat, compared to other members of the feline family. The body length of an ocelot cat ranges from 90 to 130 cm, including a 30-40 cm long tail. The ocelot looks compact, but its body is muscular and strong. The height at the withers is about 50 cm, with a body weight of 10-15 kg. In terms of size, male ocelots are one-third larger than females. The ocelot is the third largest cat in America, it is much smaller than the puma and the jaguar. The life expectancy of an ocelot cat in the wild is 10 years, but in captivity it can live about 20 years.

The ocelot looks very unusual. It has a stout neck, rounded ears, and large eyes. The powerful head of this wild cat is marked by a characteristic pattern of small spots between parallel stripes. The ocelot has massive paws, with the hind ones being longer than the front ones. Typically, the ocelot's upper body is sandy yellow or yellow-brown in color, with a slight addition of gray tones. However, the lower body of this raptor is always a lighter shade. The ocelot looks very similar to the leopard, only as if it were a smaller copy. The ocelot owes this resemblance to its spotted coloration.

The leopard ocelot has scattered spots in the form of black rings or stripes all over its body. The tail of this raptor is striped with a black tip, and the coat is short. On the neck and shoulders, the spots turn into stripes, and they form dots on the paws. The ocelot's chest and belly are colored white or cream. The ocelot animal has large white dots on the back of its ears that are black. Nature has done a glorious job on the extraordinary appearance of the leopard ocelot and has given it an uncommon muzzle coloring. The muzzle of the ocelot cat looks as if painted - from the corners of the eyes to the forehead stretches a short white stripe, and on the forehead and cheeks by two black stripes. Such a drawing perfectly outlined and complemented the ocelot's expressive features.

The ocelot looks very beautiful - after all, it is the owner of one of the most gorgeous colors in the whole world. The color of each individual is unique and has a unique pattern on the coat. The bizarre pattern is formed by a combination of intricate spots, stripes, circles, dots and splits, which merge on the shoulders and neck in long strips or scattered in smaller patterns. In addition to its fantastic coloring, the ocelot has an excellent coat. The ocelot's fur is thick, velvety and has a beautiful golden hue.


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