Change the individual or change the word

I believe that we as people should be more accepting of people who are differently abled. Notice that I am not using the word disabled or disorder because it turns out things like Adhd, autism and many other things to wire a person’s brain differently have been around for centuries. I’m not saying that it’s easy to have a differently wired brain because I have one.  But what I am saying is that we need to change our way of thinking about how we handle things. Should we label a person who has autism who draws and writes in detail a mistake? Or a behavior that soothes the individual and try to get the individual to stop? Or should we set up a world where we can accept people like me, whose brains are wired differently? In short, Change the individual to fit the world or change the world to fit the individual's own skills?  The choice is ours.  Like Esmeralda says in the Walt Disney film the hunchback of Notre Dame, ”you speak of Justice but you are cruel to those most in need of help.” what I mean is, society speaks of Justice for the differently-abled, they don't keep up with their words. Take school for example. Schools claim they have a zero-tolerance against bullying and all my childhood I was bullied. By the time I was high school I was expecting to get bullied by someone on the first day. Even though it stopped for me, I saw the situation happen all around me, to other high school kids.  Because they were different from what was deemed ”normal.” notice that I used air quotes on the word normal. Allow me to expand on this. You see if being normal is like playing a musical instrument, we would have all the notes sound like the same note, the reason why we need to change the world is so that people can not sound like the same note of a musical instrument but a different one even in a different key if possible. I don't know if anyone would listen to my words or even take them seriously because I'm almost 24 years old and not in the medical profession or have a job of any kind except creative writing. But I do know that society needs to change for the better.


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