Chefs share their steak cooking secrets

One of the main rules of good steak is quality meat. Beef is best, in supermarkets you can find already processed and completely ready to roast a piece of meat. When choosing meat, there are two things to consider: the marbling and the cut.
The cut comes in premium and alternative cuts, and the more marbling, the juicier the meat. The most popular premium steaks are ribeye and strip steak. Alternative steaks are made from shoulder blade, loin, and bonito. "Premium steak meat is made from bull, not cow. The most popular part is the loin - the lumbar muscle tissue. The loin is a sedentary place, so the meat is relatively lean and tender," explains chef Igor Tikhomirov. Some people, on the contrary, prefer alternative steaks. Chef Konstantin Borisov says that such meat has a more intense and juicy taste. He recommends choosing a steak not from a fresh batch, but one with two or three days left to the shelf life - this meat is ripe. Weight of a quality steak should be 300 grams, thickness - from 2 centimeters. Before grilling, it is better to take the meat out of the refrigerator and leave it for a while at room temperature. "Let the meat lie for ten minutes, to equalize in temperature. Ready to roast meat changes its consistency, becomes softer, while meat taken out of the fridge is more dense," advises Tikhomirov. For frying, you can take a cast-iron skillet with thick walls or fluted, so the fat from the steak flows into the recesses. "At home I use a cast-iron grill skillet, heat it well until smoky, and set it aside. I oil it with olive oil, add sea salt, crushed pepper, return it to the fire, and heat it again," Borisov shares. You can salt a steak both before and during cooking, pepper it and sprinkle with spices: thyme, garlic, rosemary - it is better to do it at the very end of cooking in order to give the meat some flavor and aroma. It is better to determine the degree of cooking with an electronic thermometer. For example, 50 degrees says that the meat is cooked to rare, 55 degrees - medium rare, and 70 degrees - well done. It is better not to roast marble beef to the rare degree, for that it is too fatty. For ribeye and striploin the medium medium, which is reached at 60 degrees, is good. After grilling the chefs advise to let the meat rest, so the piece of meat becomes soft and the color is even. After that it can be served with potatoes, salad or grilled vegetables. Earlier, American scientists found out that vegetable meat is not as healthy as previously thought.


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