Chicken nuggets at home in a frying pan

Chicken nuggets at home in a frying pan

The following recipe shows in detail how to make delicious crispy chicken nuggets in a pan using a minimal set of products. Thanks to the batter, the meat pieces are very tender and juicy inside, and even a child can cope with the preparation. The appetizer is very tasty both hot and cold.


* Chicken fillet - 500-600 gr;

* Chicken eggs - 3 pcs;

* Bread crumbs - 150 - 200 g;

* Sunflower oil - for frying;

* Salt, black pepper - to taste.

Method of cooking:

1. Cut the fillet into slices 3*4 cm in size and about 1 cm thick. Salt and pepper to taste.

  2. In a bowl beat three eggs, 0.5 tsp. salt and pepper. In another bowl pour breadcrumbs (if you want you can make them yourself).

  3. Alternately take pieces of chicken and dip them first in egg leyson, and then in breadcrumbs. Pour a sufficient amount of vegetable oil in a hot pan and fry the pieces on both sides until golden brown.

4. We lay out the ready nuggets on a paper towel to remove excess fat. This is the appetizing snack - juicy meat inside and crispy crust on top.


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