Chocolate, cream, and a little imagination: how to make Bicherin coffee

Bicherin is a coffee, or more specifically, a coffee cocktail whose recipe was invented in Piedmont, Italy. It consists of three layers: hot chocolate on the bottom, coffee in the middle, and whipped cream on top. Sometimes chocolate-nut paste or cacao is added instead of chocolate. It was invented by Giuseppe Dentis, a lemonade merchant, who opened his own café in Turin in the second half of the 18th century. At the time, it was the custom in the mornings for wealthy families to drink a drink called bavareisa, a mixture of coffee, cream, and hot chocolate. Dentis decided that the drink would look better if the ingredients were not mixed, but poured in layers, and always in a clear glass.

The glasses in which this unusual coffee was served are called bicherino, meaning "cup," in the local dialect, writes the website CoffeeFan. That's how the name of the drink came about.

Bicherin Coffee Recipe Ingredients: 50 ml of espresso or black coffee, medium roasted beans are ideal; 50 ml milk (or 25 ml milk and 25 ml non-fat cream); 50 g of chocolate - the original recipe uses melted dark chocolate, but you can get fancy and use milk chocolate or any chocolate with fillings - whatever you like; 50 ml of cream with 30-40% fat content; Chocolate chips - for decoration. How to cook 1. In a water bath, melt chocolate in milk (or milk and cream). 2. Whip the pre-cooled cream until liquid foam. 3. Boil the coffee. 4. Warm the glass and pour the hot chocolate into it. 5. On top of the blade of a knife, so that the layers do not mix, gently pour the coffee. 6. Also gently add the whipped cream. 7. Decorate the top with chocolate shavings.

A healthy cup of coffee should not contain large amounts of additives in the form of sugar, cream, butter and other "flavor enhancers. These are the minimum conditions necessary for the morning drink to have a positive effect on the human body. However, coffee can be much healthier if you follow a few rules when brewing it yourself.


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