2019 Election - Chowkidar Narendra Modi Wins

Despite of all allegations, circumstances, misinteruption and abusive wordings used by the opposition this year, still India chooses Narendra Modi as their Prime Minister again.

Some called him chowkidar, some called him chai Wala, many also questioned about his legitimacy of his birth, his mother, his caste etc. In general election 2019 all the opposition forgot was new agendas and policies for development of India and his people. Hope they would have stick to that rather than going personal on BJP and it's leaders. Also let's not forget the babua (Akhilesh Yadav) wanted to make his buaji (Mayawati) the prime minister of India.

I mean what the...? Bus yahi din dekhna Baki reh jata ( dooms day of India) if Mayawati would have been the prime minister. Well lolz.

Akhilesh Yadav maybe not that visionary but Narendra Modi is. Some mistakes have been made , but don't forget that running a country of 1.37 billion is not a piece of cake. For sure weather it be Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati or any other prime ministerial candidate, we are not foolish to know who to select. 

Well we'll disappointment has come to many faces, but a layer of rainbows and happiness have again steered down to the hearts of people of India. People know who to select and when.

Media has also played quite a supporting role for creating awareness in minds of Indian people. 

Remember " when do research for smart phone ,than why not for your neta". 

Our neta is here, Narendra Modi.


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