Consumers are disappointed with the iPhone 13. What didn't satisfy them?

Gadget buying and selling service SellCell surveyed 5,000 iPhone owners in the United States to find out how impressed they were with Apple's thirteenth line of phones. Spoiler alert: not particularly impressed.

Majority think iPhone 13 not worth the upgrade 64.1% of respondents said that the thirteenth iPhones "are not very interesting. Only 23.2% of respondents intend to switch to the current generation, although in a similar survey before the presentation there were 43.7%. Potential buyers from buying iPhone 13 are stopped by the following reasons: - The lack of Touch ID (29.3%), - insufficient number of important features for the sake of which it's worth upgrading (19.5%), - The old iPhone works well (12.1%), - No Always On Display (9.6%), - notch in the display remains (7.3%).

16% of those who are not thrilled with the iPhone 13 are going to switch to Android Among those who did not buy the iPhone 13 and have no plans to do so, just over a third of those surveyed are going to wait for the fourteenth iPhone. Almost the same number does not want to update the device in the next two years. 16.1% of Americans intend to switch to Android, and the highest priority brand among the defectors is Google. The Pixel series interested 45.1% of respondents. It is likely that the leadership of Google smartphones is due to their greater familiarity in the U.S. than in other countries. In addition, many expect a technological breakthrough from the upcoming Pixel 6 line - the gadgets attract own branded processor and advanced cameras. In second position is Samsung, followed by OnePlus and Motorola. The presence of Google and OnePlus at the top of the ranking may indicate that the survey involved mainly enthusiasts and gadget enthusiasts, among whom these brands are popular.

Disappointed, but still buying? At the same time, the first results of iPhone 13 sales show that the new product is noticeably more popular than last year's iPhones. Thus, a week after the launch of sales in the Russian networks there were 93,000 copies of iPhone 13, which is 63% more than the iPhone 12 in 2020. There is a shortage of the new generation in the world: customers have to wait a month or more for some models, which indicates high demand.

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