Cooking American pancakes using the Russian recipe


Here are all the ingredients we will need. With the specified amount of sugar (30 g), the pancakes are not very sweet, suitable for those who eat them with sweet additives, and for those who prefer unsweetened (for example with sour cream or cheese). But still, if you like them sweeter, add more sugar. You can also experiment with flavors and add vanilla sugar or cinnamon, for example.

In a container in which we will make the pancake batter, beat an egg, add sugar (30 g or 2 tablespoons) and salt (1/2 tsp). If you want to add vanilla sugar, add it now.

Mix with a mixer or just a whisk until smooth and the sugar and salt are completely dissolved.

Add the milk (210 g), stir.

Pour the vegetable oil (25g (~2 tablespoons) and stir well again.


In a separate container sift the flour (200 g) and baking powder (1 tsp.). If you want to add cinnamon or other dry spices to the batter, sift them now, it is better to sift them too. Very carefully mix everything, I recommend doing it with a whisk, so the result will be better. It is important that the leavening agent is evenly mixed with the flour, otherwise it may turn out that in some part of the dough it is not at all, and then it will not rise, and somewhere on the contrary leavening agent will be very much and you can feel the taste of soda. So do not be lazy to mix everything well.

We add the sifted flour with baking powder in a container with the dough. Mix until homogeneous, but try to work faster, if you knead the dough for a long time, gluten will begin to develop in the flour and the pancakes may not turn out soft, but "rubbery". That's it, the dough is ready, it is not very thick and flows quite well. Pancakes should be fried immediately, not left for later (to be completely accurate, pancakes are usually not fried, but baked).

We will bake in a dry pan without oil, which is why the pancakes turn out so evenly browned and smooth. Also, to obtain such a uniform color, it is important to use a frying pan with a smooth bottom, without reliefs. A frying pan with a smooth nonstick coating is a good choice. The diameter of the frying pan can be any, but this depends on how many pancakes at a time you can fry, so I prefer to take the largest.

We put the frying pan on medium heat and heat it well. Pour the batter into the hot pan. Pour the batter in the middle of the pancake, it will spread itself. If necessary, even out a little, so that the circles are as even as possible. I make them about 7-8 cm in diameter, but this size is not mandatory, do as you like. Pancakes bake pretty quickly, so I recommend pouring the batter for one pancake at a time, better to take a large spoon or ladle, scoop up more dough, pour at once as much as you need for one pancake, the excess return back into the container with the dough. If you pour in small portions several times, the pancake may not bake evenly and turn out unevenly browned.

When bubbles begin to appear on the surface of the poured batter, it's time to flip our pancake. If you chose the right temperature mode, then by the time bubbles appear, the pancake should not be quite liquid on top (otherwise, when you turn the batter will spread a little, the pancakes will get crooked), and the bottom evenly browned. If the bottom of the pancake is beginning to brown, and the top is still quite liquid, lower the heat on the stove. If the bottom of a pancake is still quite light but the whole thing is cooked, increase the heat on the stove.

Fry the pancakes on the back side until the same ruddy color as the first side.

To see if your pancakes are baking well, break one apart and see if there is any raw dough left inside. The break should show that the pancake has baked and risen evenly.

Pancakes are ready, do not wait for them to cool, eat them immediately. To them it is good to add berries, nuts, pour various syrups and sweet sauces, melted chocolate, condensed milk or honey. I really like them with cranberry sauce. Bon appetit!


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