Coronavirus antibody tracker: What number of individuals have been immunized in the UK?

With the greatest immunization program in English history in progress, follow the advancement of the Coronavirus antibody rollout with our tracker. 


This page is being refreshed routinely with the most recent information on the number of individuals have been immunized across the UK. 


What is the public authority's objective? 


On January 4, Boris Johnson said: "By the center of February, if things work out positively and with a reasonable breeze in our sails, we hope to have offered the main antibody portion to everybody in the four main concern bunches distinguished by the Joint Council on Inoculation and Vaccination (JCVI)." On February 14, figures showed the UK had passed the 15 million figure for first dosages directed for the best four need bunches those matured 65 and over, and those more than 18 who are clinically amazingly weak people. 


The following objective was to have everybody in need bunches 5-9 - a further 17.2 million individuals matured 65 and 70, and those matured 18-64 with basic medical issue - to be offered their first portion by the center of April, finishing stage one of the immunization program. That target was met on 12 April. 


Stage two - bunches 10-12 - covers all grown-ups matured somewhere in the range of 18 and 49. Johnson has swore everybody in stage two will be offered a first dose by July 19. 


The date for offering everybody a first portion was initially the finish of July yet Johnson presented the date to July 19 on June 14. 


What number of individuals in the UK have been given the antibody up until now? 


As of Friday, October 1, the public authority said the "inoculation take-up rates for the UK won't be refreshed while we work on an answer for incorporate long term olds". 


Government information up to the furthest limit of Wednesday, October 6, shows the quantity of individuals in the UK to have been given a first portion of the Coronavirus immunization is 49,068,705, an ascent of 32,828 on the earlier day. As of the finish of Friday October 1, more than 89.8% of grown-ups in the UK had accepted their first hit. 


The quantity of individuals who have had the two dosages of the Coronavirus immunization remains at 45,078,529 - an expansion of 28,576 from the past absolute. As of the finish of Friday October 1, over 82.5% of grown-ups in the UK were completely immunized. 


As of the finish of Wednesday, October 6, an aggregate of 94,147,234 Coronavirus antibody portions have been given in the UK. 


Across the UK, the absolute number of individuals who have had a first portion separates as follows: 


* Britain - 41,131,105 


* Ridges - 2,387,746 


* Scotland - 4,235,075 


* Northern Ireland - 1,314,779 


Across the UK, the complete number of individuals who have had a subsequent portion separates as follows: 


* Britain - 37,780,849 


* Ridges - 2,227,522 


* Scotland - 3,854,847 


* Northern Ireland - 1,215,311 


The public authority is giving every day reports on these figures and we will refresh this page with the most recent information when we get it. 


Which antibodies are being utilized? 


In the UK, there are four immunizations that have been endorsed for use by the controller, the Medications and Medical services Items Administrative Organization: 


* Pfizer/BioNTech (being used since 8 December) 


* Oxford/AstraZeneca (being used since 4 January) 


* Moderna (being used since 7 April) 


* Johnson and Johnson (expected to be carried out later in 2021)


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