Corruption In India and how to battle it

The current situation of India in terms of the social issue "corruption" is unacceptable. According to the report of Corruption Perceptions Index 2021 by Transparency international, India is listed as the 85th least corrputed nation out of 180 countries, India is still a long way behind in being free from corruption. Eliminating corruption is a very critical and crucial factor responsible for development of a country.

  Corruption is a deceitful behaviour of people which is a result of greed of several people combined. Every corner, every place in India is occupied by corruption. Greed has brain washed ethics of people to form corruption which can be experienced not only in pure sectors including business, government but also sectors like that of education, hospitality and it's a shame to see corruption in legal used. 

The onset of corruption in India- 

Corruption is a result of globalisation and is omnipresent. There are different forms of corruption including bribery, embezzlement, extortion, networking, "under the table" transactions, manipulation , money laundering and so on. 

  Some of the major reasons for invasion of corruption in the land of purity: INDIA -

1. no doubt globalisation made our lives easier but it had a negative effect namely corruption. Some traders in order to deliver goods or services more faster started giving extra money to the local authorities. This gave a taste of some extra earning while illegal which then spread throughout the nation 

2. Nowadays the roots of corruption are deep rooted in the mind and actions of majority of administers and the spiritual ideas of Morality, honest in services and basic ethics are now seen as 'Anachronistic'. 

3. While being held as a major fault of those accepting corruption it should not be neglected that the persons giving corruption are to be given the same punishments as the ones taking because of the fact that they both share of bond of performing illegal tasks. 

4. The idea has taken an eminent position in the minds of people creating prejudices such as " if they don't give certain mode of corruption they will not be able to make their work successful" these type of prejudices are being inculcated even in the upcoming generations and this needs to end.

5. The tolerance of the people which have been affected by such corrupt people had motivated them to countinue the miserable act of corruption. In order to get rid of this Ill disease we would have to come together and strike against it, then only it would be possible for us to win over Corruption.

As it is rightly said that a journey of thousand miles start with a single step, similarly Analysing the situation of corruption was the primary step of being free from corruption, now comes the main step of eliminating it. Major steps which should be implemented in order to eradicate corruption -

1. Setting up fast track courts to speed up the judgement on important issues because it is rightly said that “justice delayed is justice denied.”If a case of corruption is noticed then such fast courts will help us create a sense of fear among the corrupted.

2. Every government transaction whether little or large should be made transparent that is that the people of the country should be able to access it. By maintaining transparency in every government action, selection procedures, and by maximising digitalisation and cashless transactions. One precaution should be that the government should not declare very important transactions such in cases of buying war supplies.

3. Disbursement of welfare benefits directly to the citizens under various schemes of the Government in a transparent manner through the Direct Benefit Transfer initiative. Implementation of E-tendering in public procurements. Introduction of e-Governance and simplification of procedure and systems. 

We the people of India can make India a corruption free country and a developed nation only by being United and spreading awareness mixed with constant action against the people indulged in corruption. "Evil cannot destroy the system, but watching evil silently can definitely destroy it." Let's make India a more better place to live in. 


                          -Madhav Gupta


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