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The total income of Ethereum miners in September increased by 28% - to the highest in the history of $2.42 billion. The driver was the record income from commissions ($1.07 billion), the share of which increased to 41.3%. Data: ForkLog. The previous record for mining revenues on the network of the second most capitalized cryptocurrency ($2.39 billion) was recorded in May. Transaction fee revenue growth continued amid a boom in the GameFi and NFT segments, while in the DeFi sector Ethereum began to feel competition from a number of other projects, where TVL rose during September. The growth of the index was held back by the EIP-1559 offer, activated on August 5 during the London hardfork, which provides for burning some commissions. At the time of writing, a total of 410,668 ETH has been burned. Blockchain revenue has been helped by Ethereum's rise to $4,000. The current price of the asset is ~$3200. The first cryptocurrency's cumulative income for September reached $1.308 billion, down 3.8% from August. Data: ForkLog. The share of commissions in revenue rose from 1.32% to 1.5% after four months of decline. Block revenue momentum was affected by the failure to consolidate above $50,000 and the subsequent pullback to $40,000. Support was provided by a moderate recovery in bitcoin mining sophistication. As a reminder, Compass experts predicted that Ethereum miners' income would decrease by 20-30% after the hardfork.



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