Deficit and pandemic will not affect Apple and iPhone 13: the company will ship 90 million smartphones this year

Sales of the iPhone 13 series of smartphones started last month and they are in high demand, especially the older models with the Pro set-top boxes. Due to the shortage on the semiconductor market and the increased demand, some models have to wait 4-5 weeks.

According to the Chinese publication Mydrivers, citing local analyst companies, this year's shipments of iPhone 13 will reach 90 million units. At the same time, last year's shipments of iPhone 12 amounted to about 80 million smartphones. According to the latest news, a large number of workers have left factories producing electronics and various components in Vietnam because of the pandemic. A total of 2 million people may leave Vietnam. It was assumed that this could greatly affect the sales figures of the iPhone 13.

Tianfeng Securities mentioned in its research report that the shortage of components caused by the suspension of production in Vietnam is a short-term problem, which will be resolved as early as mid-October. The source adds that the impact of the problems on Apple's supply chain is relatively limited.


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