Details of the development of a single vaccine against COVID-19 and influenza have been disclosed

The single vaccine against influenza and coronavirus infection of the center "Vector" will differ from "EpiVacCorona" - it will be based on the influenza virus A and B.

Vector added that the experimental vaccine under development still has many prior stages of study, including preclinical studies.

The vaccine being developed will be adjusted for new strains of both influenza and coronavirus each season through the use of genetic engineering and reverse genetics.

However, the WHO recommends that vaccine developers evaluate the effectiveness of using coronavirus and influenza drugs simultaneously.


Earlier, Moderna announced the development of a single vaccine protecting against COVID-19 and seasonal influenza. According to Moderna, the company's main priority is to bring a vaccine against respiratory diseases to the market. The creators of the drug intend to constantly update the composition of the vaccine in accordance with the common strains. The combination drug can be administered once, but the timing of its launch is not reported. Another U.S. company, Novavax, is developing a similar vaccine. The company has already tested the polyvaccine and is preparing to begin mass production.


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