Diet kebabs in marinade

Ingredients for "Diet kebabs in marinade":

Chicken breast (fillet) - 2 pcs

Onions - 1 pc

Tomato paste (or grated tomatoes 100g) - 1 tbsp.

Mineral water (sparkling) - 100 ml

Olive oil - 100 ml

Soy sauce - 50 ml

Coriander (ground) - 0.5 tsp.

Black pepper (freshly ground to taste)

Nutrition and energy values:

Ready meal


1761 kcal protein

146.5 g fats

121.7 g carbohydrates

22.3 г

100 g dish


181.5 kcal proteins

15.1 g fats

12.5 g carbohydrates

2.3 г


Recipe "Diet kebabs in marinade":

Cut the chicken breast fillets into strips about 5 cm wide.


Peel and grate the onion.


Add olive oil, pureed tomatoes (or tomato paste), sparkling mineral water, ground coriander and freshly ground black pepper to the onions.


Add the soy sauce to the marinade, put the chicken fillets in the marinade and set aside to cool. The longer you marinate the breasts, the juicier they will be. At least three hours.


String strips of chicken fillet on skewers and roast on open coals until tender.


Serve the kebabs with fresh vegetables.


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