Differences between Karmic Soulmate & Soulmate

Karmic Soulmate:


Majority people feel that Karmic Partner meant to enter into your life to teach you some lessons, to make you a better version of yourself, that's it. That's true as Karmic Relationships often come to an end on sour note. But on the other hand, There are some positive lesser known facts about Karmic Relationships which I have come across.For e. g. If you love someone who is your Karmic Partner , you can still have a bright future with him/her ..Even though you & Your Karmic Partner are not destined to be together.


There is too struggle in Karmic Relationships. You may get someone better who can accept you the way you are. But If you love your Karmic Partner to the Moon & Back & all set to face various obstacles then you can urge to the universe and Universe will fulfill your wishes and things can fall into place the way you want. But, as Karmic Relationships Are associated with Past Life Karma at the same time present life karma, then you have to go through Transformation or Spiritual Journey to be with Your Karmic Partner Happily. To remove Blockages in your Love Life due Past Life Bad Karma ,meditation & healing are must. On the other hand, about your Present life Bad Karma along with meditation and healing you have to be literally The God in the form of Human Being . The more you do Good Karma, you will get the best results . So I would suggest If you are ok with these struggles then go ahead, you will get success for sure as you Love your Karmic Partner from the Bottom of the Heart . If you feel it's not your Cup Of Tea , You should Surrender to the universe and for your Soulmate .Choice is Yours..!!!




Soulmates can be in any form I. E. Your Family, Friends. But finding your Bestie and Life Partner in the same person is blissful .Whereas Karmic Journey & Twin Flame Journey are complicated. Soulmate Couples are besties yet More than Friends. As I said previously , Soulmate is the gift given by The Universe. Your bonding with your soulmate is Instant & Effortless. Your soulmate accepts you the way you are, with your bitter past. This is like the Heaven on the Earth.Right?


Written By Namrata Limkar

Instahandle :@wordsbynamz


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