Disadvantages of marijuana

As does every vice, marijuana also carries its weight in disadvantages, although not at first as apparent as the likes of cocaine and alcohol they too prove to be quite severe in their right. The effects of marijuana (spliff, joint) can be categorized into long term and short term effects and mental effects.

Short term

These are effects that occur for a short duration of time ,either while under the influence of the substance or during continuous use of the drug.

  • Loss of coordination and distortions in sense of time.

THC(the main psychoactive compound in cannabis) messes with the cerebellum and basal ganglia which regulates balance, posture coordination and reaction time.

  • Loss of vision and hearing

  • Sleepiness

  • Reddening of the eyes

  • Increased appetite

  • Relaxed muscles

  • Speeding up of heart rate

Marijuana raises the heart rate 4 up to three hours after smoking, this may increase the chance of heart attack

  • Impaired memory

-thc , the active ingredient in marijuana acts in the part of the brain called the hippocampus to alter the way information is processed and how memories are formed. This is particularly true while the brain is still developing hence why smoking is more critical to youngsters

  • Lessened ability to solve problems


Long term effects

  • can psychotic symptoms

  • can cause damage to the heart and lungs

  • worsens symptoms of bronchitis

  • can cause coughing and wheezing

  • can reduce the bodies ability to fight off infections and illness

  • problems with child development during and after pregnancy

-use during pregnancy is linked to increased risk of both brain and behavioural problems in babies.

mental effects

  • temporary hallucinations

sensations and images that seem real though they are not.

  • temporary paranoia, extreme and unreasonable distrust of others

  • cannabis use may increase the risk of depression

- studies from  the Netherlands found that smoking cannabis increases risk of depression for young people who have a genetic vulnerability to mental illness.


  • Intense anxiety, fear , distrust or panic are common side effects

  • Marijuana users may experience psychosis.


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