Dishes prepared by Georgian craftsmen

Georgian cuisine is as much a national treasure as the Narikala Fortress or the old town of Mtskheta. Traditional Georgian hospitality is characterized by a variety of delicious dishes with which housewives greet their guests. Georgians have created and preserved recipes inherited from their ancestors.


The ways of the past


The land on which this country stands is famous for its hearty and fragrant delicacies that perfectly reflect the habits and traditions of this people.



An extraordinary legend is connected with the moment of the creation of the state and the nation itself. According to her, the ancient god decided to have lunch, and while traveling through the Caucasus mountains, a piece of meat and bread fell out of his bag. Georgia was born in the place where God dropped them. The ancient legend perfectly conveys the importance of the national cuisine, which is characterized by a lot of meat and flour products.


We would like to remind you that Georgian cuisine belongs to the traditional Caucasian varieties of dishes. This nuance is reflected in the ingredients, among them there are many vegetables, fruits, spices and sweets. Most tourists are attracted to this ancient country precisely by the desire to try the famous recipes of this original territory. In it, the most selective gourmet will find a dish to his liking.


Recipes have differences depending on the region and ethnicity. The same dish can be made in different ways, but in any case it will be incomparable and with its own zest.

Culinary division of the country


Georgians divide their country into two regions - the west and the east, which is located beyond the Likh Mountains, according to the culinary principle. In the western side, instead of wheat bread, they eat corn tortillas cooked on clay pans. In Mingrelian villages, a special kind of dewdrop is used, growing exclusively in this region. It is used to produce a special fleshy paste — "gomi". This dish can be tasted only on this territory.



Georgian cuisine has a rather conservative character. Recipes are carefully stored in families for many decades and are inherited. One of the national culinary features is cooking over an open fire. Until now, in many families, tortillas and khachapuri are baked in open ovens, and meat and fish are fried on mangalas. For the preparation of fermented milk products and cheeses, natural ferments and enzymes are used. Spices and vegetables add flavor and give a special aura to dishes. 


In this Caucasian country, it is customary to set rich tables with lots of treats. Despite its proximity to the European part, traditional Oriental hospitality and generosity have been preserved in Georgia. Even for unexpected guests, it is customary to set a rich table, treat them with cakes and sweets. For such a presentation, an ordinary conversation turns into a sincere pleasant conversation of close people.

Culinary diversity of Georgia


The national cuisine of Georgia is diverse, satisfying and high in calories. It is represented by the following varieties of dishes:


    Meat dishes. Who does not know the famous khinkali, kebabs, chakhokhbili, chicken tapak.

    Hot, rich soups. Chikhirtma is a tender, spicy dish made of corn flour and chicken meat. Kharcho is a spicy, thick soup that only locals know how to cook on fire.

    Cheeses and sour milk preparations. The most important cheese is suluguni. This is a young cheese made from sour milk and aged in brine. It is added to various national dishes. Imereti cheese has been cooking for more than 6 months. This is a kind of hard cheese with nuts and spices.

    Vegetables, fruits and greens. This hospitable region has a favorable warm climate, which affects the active growth of greens and vegetables, which in turn affects the national cuisine. According to the Georgian tradition, vegetables are boiled, pickled, baked, fried, eaten with cheese and meat. Nuts and dried fruits are also added to many Georgian dishes.

    Sauces. No dish in Georgia can be imagined without sauces known to everyone. Tkemali is made from plums, coriander, red pepper and herbs. It is served with side dishes such as potatoes, pasta, poultry meat. Adjika, which is prepared from spices, red pepper and garlic, without the addition of tomatoes, as is customary in Russia. This sauce is served with grilled meat dishes. Satsivi is a sauce intended for poultry dishes. Walnuts, saffron, cinnamon, garlic and herbs are used for its preparation.

    Sweets. It is impossible to imagine Caucasian cuisine without traditional desserts. The most famous Georgian sweets are churchkhela, kazinaki and pelamushi.


If you are going on a gastronomic tour of Georgia, you should definitely try these traditional Georgian recipes that are known and loved all over the world.


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