Do not make this mistake before consuming cabbage, it can be dangerous for health

Somewhere you also do not make this mistake before consuming cabbage, it can be dangerous for health


Cabbage is also called cabbage by many people. 

Many people like to eat it very much. 

But making this small mistake while making it can take a toll on your health.


Somewhere you also do not make this mistake before consuming cabbage, it can be dangerous for health

Cabbage is also called cabbage by many people. Cabbage contains small insects which are not visible with the open eye.


Apart from Cauliflower, Cabbage also comes in large quantity in the winter season. 

Although you will get it in every season, but its real taste comes only in the cold season. 

Cabbage is not only used by people in making junk food but also consumes it in the form of salad and vegetable. 

But if you make a small mistake while making this vegetable or while using cabbage in anything else, then it can be dangerous for your health. 

Know what that mistake is and how to avoid it.

Insects are hidden in cabbage


You have heard this thing from many people and must have read in many places that cabbage, which some people know as cabbage, has insects hidden in its layers. 

These insects are so small that they are not visible even with the naked eye. 

These insects are a type of parasite. 

That is, can survive inside the body of others. 

These are called tapeworms. 

If cabbage is not washed properly and cooked and not eaten, then these parasites enter inside the body. 

When this tapeworm reaches the body, their number starts increasing rapidly.


They even enter the blood vessels. 

Through which blood enters other parts of the body and even your brain. 

Due to which you can fall prey to many diseases.

Before making cabbage, clean it like this


Before making the cabbage, remove the top layers of it. 

After that wash them thoroughly with water. 

After this, chop the cabbage and then wash it with water. 

After cutting the cabbage and washing it with water, soak it in salt water for about 15 to 20 minutes before cooking. 

Do this when you are going to make vegetables. 

Even after this, if you want, you can wash the cabbage with water. 

Some people, after cutting cabbage and washing it with water, put it in hot water for some time and boil it and then put it in a sieve so that all its water is removed. 

you can also do this.


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