Doctors talk about the evolution of the COVID-19 virus

The coronavirus that caused the pandemic on the planet is constantly mutating, scientists say it is a quite natural process and give advice to humanity in today's situation.

Such coronaviruses have always been and have caused various diseases: colds, acute respiratory viral infections and more serious illnesses. But a new strain of COVID-19 virus appeared quite recently. It is the most aggressive of all previously appeared and has a high mortality rate among people infected with it. It constantly mutates, becoming even more dangerous and its spread is impossible to control yet Why do viruses mutate? This question was answered comprehensively by Richard Peabody, a doctor at the WHO's European office. He said that mutation of viruses is a natural process of their life. But the emergence of new strains threatens that humanity may not be able to cope with a prolonged pandemic that not only incapacitates huge numbers of people, but also takes their lives. The process of mutation, in which new viruses are more adapted to their environment and are not afraid to disappear from external factors, is called virus evolution.

Maximum protection against the virus To be as protected as possible from COVID-19 and its new strains, a vaccine must be made available to all segments of the world's population. Until everyone can afford it, the pandemic will not be stopped. At this point, every laboratory in the world is working to create an affordable vaccine faster and without side effects.

Affordable methods of protection against the coronavirus Everyone should follow medical advice to prevent further spread of the virus. It will not be a heavy burden for everyone to wash their hands constantly when leaving the house and coming back. In addition to washing of hands, their disinfection with liquid or gel antiseptics is an obligatory procedure.

But the new Delta strain, which is expected to spread across the planet soon, is more resistant and resilient. This virus comes from India, and it has gained a foothold among other viruses. More than 60% of those newly infected have been infected with this strain. In the middle of this year, scientists discovered the Delta virus in over 110 countries. So it spreads almost lightning fast. But do not panic, we are not in danger of extinction, because effective vaccines against this disease have already been created.

Vaccines against the virus Recently developed vaccines provide high protection against all coronaviruses, and Delta in particular. Thus, a report published in The New England Journal of Medicine evaluated the effectiveness of AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines. Two vaccinations with Pfizer components give 88 percent protection against the Delta strain, and two vaccinations with AstraZeneca, respectively, 70 percent. Therefore, the more people get vaccinated, the more protected society and each individual will be, the authors of the study conclude.


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