Dog House Building And Buying Guide

Buying or building a chicken house for your pet. As a true member of your family, it is important to provide the best possible home for your pet.


I. Shape


German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler and other large dogs need large homes, while Chihuahua and small breeds need smaller homes. The door of the house does not have to be higher than the floor above its head, nor does it have to be higher than the height of the dog, as it turns its head down so that it can enter the house. The width of the door should be large enough to fit the dog. These height and width measurements can be adjusted if physically necessary. The house should also be large enough for the dog to stand, walk and lie at full height inside. Owners should keep in mind that a house larger than necessary will compromise the dog's body heat retention during the colder or colder months.


The second weather condition


Some dog houses are built with hinged roofs, a feature that allows owners to raise the roof in hot and humid weather. This facility provides enough air flow to expel hot air and enter fresh or cold air. In some cases, these roofs can also be lowered, creating a smaller space for the dog and increasing its ability to retain heat in rainy or cold weather. Asphalt shingles should only be used if there is sufficient insulation barrier to separate the roof from the main area of ​​the home. Many home designs also come with sloping roofs to keep water out on rainy days. Owners should avoid building or buying homes with barn-type or peak-style roofs because they attract hornets, wasps and other insects and prevent heat retention. Another option is air walls, which are inserted into the dog houses to break the air and keep the house warm. The house should also be at the right distance from the ground to stay dry. ****** For budget owners, some home manufacturers offer regulations for heaters and air conditioners. These climate control systems help to provide comfort to the dog regardless of weather conditions.


iii. Doors


The main door of the dog house should be on one side rather than in the middle. This prevents the dog from being directly exposed to extreme weather conditions and other harsh environmental factors. Some models are designed with removable doors or without any doors. Using the door will help keep the dog home warm during the colder months. A tent type cover can also be used over the opening for extra shade and protection.


iv. Easy to clean and maintain


- Removable or adjustable ceilings


- Doors, partitions


- Air walls


- Flexibility in cleaning


- Limit the use of paint, stain or water sealants outside the home


v. Use wood


Plastic and metal houses are not a good idea because they are too hot in summer or too cold in winter. Some market experts believe that homes made of natural western red cedar wood provide the best insulation for dogs in the winter, but keep them cool in the summer. Red cedar wood oil is also a natural repellent for ticks, flies and termites. Homes made with this material are exterior maintenance-free, although owners are more likely to complete it to complete their property. Sprinkling red cedar wood chips or shavings on the bed can also help prevent infection. Owners should also remember that wooden roofs help reduce heat accumulation


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