Dogecoin, Shiba-Inu and Sandbox have led the way: this $0.50 coin could rise 4,000% in 2022

Dogecoin, Shiba-Inu and Sandbox have led the way: this $0.50 coin could rise 4,000% in 2022

In 2021, the crypto market saw a number of projects that generated huge profits for investors. You just had to be smart enough to see the potential and get on board early. If you didn't buy Cardano, Solana, Polkadot or Avalanche last year, now is your next chance.


Finally, one coin looks particularly promising this year. RBIS, the native token behind the ArbiSmart project, is on track to gain value in 2022. While the coin is currently valued at under $1, it could rise 4,000% in the coming months as a whole stream of new RBIS services are launched and the listing process kicks into high gear.


The ArbiSmart project today

Until now, ArbiSmart has been known primarily as an automated crypto arbitrage platform that generates passive profits from temporary price differences between exchanges. Since price differences occur equally in bull or bear markets, ArbiSmart provides a hedge against a crypto collapse, as investors will continue to make a reliable profit even in a crash.


Returns reach up to 45% per year (3.75% per month) and are so predictable that you can calculate in advance exactly how much you will earn by entering a time frame and deposit amount into the platform's profit calculator.


Additional passive profits can be earned for storing your funds in a long-term ArbiSmart savings account. These are high-interest accounts that are locked for a preset period of time and offer interest rates of up to 1% per day.


Build credibility, add liquidity

RBIS was first listed in early January 2022 and is already available on a wide range of leading crypto exchanges, including Coinsbit, HitBTC, SushiSwap, LAToken, and Uniswap.

Q2 will be even busier with the release of a number of RBIS offerings. Plans include an interest-generating wallet that offers secure storage for FIAT and crypto, as well as interest rates of up to 45% per year. ArbiSmart will also launch an NFT marketplace where participants can use RBIS to buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that certify ownership of digital artworks in its 10,000-strong collection.


In the second half of 2022 and well into 2023, ArbiSmart will continue with the launch of a mobile application compatible with iOS and Android devices that will allow users to buy, exchange and store crypto. The project is also developing its own cryptocurrency exchange, as well as a launchpad for funding potentially lucrative new altcoins.


ArbiSmart has also just updated its license to offer eu-authorized crypto banking services. This means the crypto service will soon be able to offer crypto debit cards, payment service solutions, and IBANs.


All of these new services, along with the continuation of the listing process, are expected to significantly boost demand and increase liquidity in the coming months. While token demand is picking up, supply will decrease as the amount of RBIS that can ever be created is capped at 450 million. When demand exceeds supply, the token price should almost automatically increase.


The RBIS token may be on its way to the moon as the network powers a secure, fast-growing financial services ecosystem and generates reliable revenue for an ever-growing community. But timing is everything. Don't miss your chance to be part of the next Shiba Inu. Buy RBIS today!


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