DUKE 250, 2024 BS7 - Loaded With Features

Duke 250 is always a best bike for people's who are new to the biking world. It's loaded with many more features than the 2023 Duke 250 at a same price. What are the new features?

✓ First of all its coming with a 5 inch LCD display that is a setup from the plain Jane console it previously got. This unit is Bluetooth-enabled and can be paired with a smartphone using the KTM app. It then gives us the access of using navigation and toggling audio on the screen itself. 

✓ These other controls include a new Quickshifter+ that is a bi-directional unit similar to what the new 390 gets and is highly addictive to use. This can be turned off if required, and so can the ABS to the rear wheel in the ‘Supermoto’ mode that the 250 Duke comes with. 

✓ Other than that, the 2023 KTM 250 Duke comes with a hazard light switch and ride-by-wire throttle as standard. Along with changing the frame and sub-frame, KTM has also dropped the seat height to a very accessible 800mm which would appeal to shorter riders as well. Overall, the riding triangle is much more relaxed with you sitting in the seat than being slightly bent over the handlebars like the previous generation model.

Should we purchase it? 

So, is the new 250 Duke worth your money? In our opinion, it is worth every penny. At Rs 2.39 lakh, ex-showroom, KTM has not increased the price of the motorcycle over the previous variant despite the changes.


It plays the perfect balance between the 200 Duke and the 390 Duke not only in terms of pricing but also in its performance and features. Of course, with the changes, it has become even more useable- the low seat height would appeal to a wider range of audience while the engine has good enough punch to keep you engaged. Even its list of features is commendable and just about right. You won’t ever feel the need for more than what this offers. And to top it off, it now looks bigger and better.

Moreover, it serves as a good upgrade from a 150-160cc motorcycle thanks to its accessible nature. While we are yet to test its mileage, with a larger tank and revised internals, it is likely to be frugal too. Well, with that said, the only other options are the BMW G310 R which is priced at Rs 2.90 lakh and the Honda CB300R priced at Rs 2.40 lakh. In comparison, the BMW is pricier and has fewer features, but offers slightly more power. On the other hand, the CB300R is available only through Honda’s BigWing showrooms which are rare compared to KTM’s presence in the country.


It is obvious that the 250 Duke takes its inspiration from the 390 Duke. You have the same 1290 SuperDuke-like design with muscular tank shrouds and an upswept tail section with this two-piece seat that has been changed from the previous version. The fuel tank is bigger too and comes with a 15-litre capacity just like the 390.

However, there are two elements that would give the 250 Duke away. First is the colour schemes. Apart from the orange and grey combination you see here, the motorcycle is also offered in a white and orange combination with orange wheels. The second visible difference between the 250 Duke and 390 Duke is in the headlamp. While it gets a full-LED setup, the 250 does not get the LED DRLs like the 390 and the whole unit looks smaller too.

The rest of the motorcycle is surely a task to set apart from its bigger sibling and pays in favour of the 250 Duke. That said, the motorcycle comes with a premium build quality. Everything from the paint and panels to the switchgear seems top-notch. However again, the only gripe would be the quality of the stitching on the new seat




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