Earnings from quarantine

 In 2014, Olga Zinovieva, a graduate of MGIMO and Harvard Business School, launched Elementaree, a service of grocery kits with quick recipes that can be followed to prepare dinner in 15 minutes. In the first months of the coronavirus epidemic, demand for the service tripled

While entire industries are dying because of the pandemic that has gripped the world, there are individual areas showing unprecedented growth. Food delivery, for example.

The Association of Internet Commerce Companies predicts that the turnover of the market for online food delivery from stores and restaurants in 2020 could double, to 248 billion rubles. Over the past few months, according to VCIOM, one in three people who use delivery services ordered a ready-made meal at home or at work, and 18% of respondents received food this way.

In particular, companies focused on delivery of grocery kits have gained a second wind around the world.


"Hello Fresh's stock has jumped 70% this year, according to Bloomberg, with the project announcing the hiring of 400 employees on three-month contracts at its Banbury factory to meet demand. Blue Apron has literally risen from the ashes, with its stock up 1,100% in one week in March, to $25, its highest since 2018. Demand for the brand's products rose 30% in the first three weeks of April (according to the company), and hiring new employees and expanding production capacity is also underway, but the service has cut menus and is struggling with delivery delays," FoodPro.tech investment manager Anna Gishko commented.

Olga Zinovieva, founder of Elementaree, a home-cooking service, felt the new trends firsthand. "Because of the coronavirus, our demand skyrocketed two to three times," Zinovieva shares. In January 2020, the company was selling 52,000 dinners a week; today, it's more than 100,000. The company's revenue for 2019 exceeded 400 million rubles.

The essence of the service is that the client chooses the dishes he wants to cook and receives a ready-made set of products with a recipe designed for 15 minutes of cooking. The client forms an ideal food basket for himself with the necessary number of servings - it can be any combination of dinners, breakfasts, lunches and snacks.


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